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Macomb county between the current fiscal year and next the city of Detroit is facing a three hundred and forty eight million dollar budget shortfall all thanks to its efforts to combat Corbett nineteen in an effort to make up the cost mayor Mike Duggan wants to use the rainy day fund while reducing the use of temporary and part time workers as for the fight against the virus the mayor calls the city's response phenomenal and I think we've taken the charge seriously at this point everybody knows that if an African American gets the coronavirus they are two to three times more likely to die from it than a Caucasian this is true in New Orleans is George ACOG was true in New York the urgency that we have to watch out for each other in this community is clearly being felt currently the city's reporting over seven thousand cases of coronavirus with the death toll at four twenty seven Jason Scott WWJ newsradio nine fifty first the fair grounds in the city of Detroit and now Oakland county has announced plans to open another drive through corona virus testing site later this week W. W. Tazewell onto it with details in a partnership with honor community health Oakland county executive Dave Coulter announced drive through testing will take place on the grounds of the county's government campus off of telegraph road starting Thursday at we're all we're going to be prioritizing our first responders we're gonna be prioritizing the residents of Pontiac R. K. Singh social critical infrastructure employees are also those who are sixty five years of age and older and individuals with underlying health conditions colder saying the new site hopes to Max out at up to two hundred fifty people tested daily also Oakland county has announced the expansion of its on going corona virus health order which now requires employees of essential businesses who have contact with the public to wear facial coverings John Hewitt W. W. J. news radio nine fifty has the number of covert nineteen patients continues to grow in metro Detroit another field hospital will soon be open this time down river the city of Lincoln Park was just given a half million dollar grant from Wayne County for the project the empty vibra hospital along outer drive will be turned into an eighty bed field hospital that could be opened by this Friday they could later expand the facility to house as many as four hundred and forty patients there are plans for the facility after the outbreak is over officials say it could be converted into a neural science surgical center despite what the governor says analyst Patrick Anderson of the Anderson economic group says that his numbers show Michigan has already hit its peak with Colbert nineteen and the number of cases is continuing to decline Anderson conducted this study using state figures collected by The New York Times and says the peak of cases happened in the week that began on April the fifth the case numbers are clearly going down across Michigan the case numbers are going down in Wayne County the case numbers are going down in Oakland and they're going down in Macomb too so we have we have significant numbers in Michigan but they're declining and that's a really important Anderson says the numbers show social distancing days working although people should still keep it up the study was paid for by a group of local businesses that want to convince the governor to begin a plan to re open the economy at after April the thirtieth some encouraging words today about how Michigan and the auto industry can re opened after the current shutdowns in some good news from Lear CEO ray Scott who was successfully re open plants in Asia with our workers becoming ill as long as we're practicing all the best procedures we can keep people safe clear has a safe workspace playbook taking best practices from all industries including mass all their personal protection equipment and more spacing the new normal is going to be dramatically different but the better equipped we are in the more we're educating everyone to the expectation the better off we're all going to be it's got telling the Detroit chamber webcast there will be added cost but it's a necessary cost to get businesses running and keep people safe Jeff Gilbert WWJ newsradio nine fifty coming up after traffic and weather they coded.

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