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Coach Vic Fangio Chargers in the Broncos coming up here within the hour you look at Los Angeles this year they've battle through some injuries they've had some very close games to be in that respect they're a little similar to to your guys they've been in games and yet haven't really found a way to win the majority of those yes there has been some similarities to our seasons you know both from a record standpoint and you know the losses that they've experienced have had some similarities to us yeah they're very talented football team you know last year there were twelve and for a split with the chiefs won a playoff game and they basically have the same team they're getting might be getting there when James back today they have a really good pass rush they got a really good group of skilled players on offense led by rivers and their two backs and receivers so I mean yeah there four and seven but the you know it's hard to believe their foreign seven when you're watching it let's talk a little bit about Philip rivers to me he just sort of continues you when he when he came out of North Carolina state he had that funky delivering a lot of people thought like well we're not sure what sort of success this guy's going to have but beat honestly he's been one of the league's best quarterbacks I think during his entire career yeah he still has that same deliver and it's sort of them very well he still plan at a very very high level I mean much has been made of the amount of interception see strong lately but about four of those one was a really a sack that a D. Lyman caught the ball in the air they called it an interception he's thrown three in the fourth quarter when he's just taken trying to make something happen in a come back type of situation for them I don't see that that as he's thrown seven really interceptions and he still really really good he can dissect you he's good at the line of scrimmage getting in and out of places as has the freedom not able and he knows this offense video you mentioned getting some of the skills get skill guys back Melvin Gordon is back you can play the first game when you look at Gordon and act were sort of took the change of pace back with two guys that are really versatile yeah Gordon he actually did play a few plays in our first game but now he's back to looking like the Melvin Gordon everybody's used to saying he didn't have his legs under him at that point and now he's the last few weeks he's running hard showing his versatility both in the passing game in the running game and they've got to really get back to me a couple things that you'd like to get done today to get a win well we can you know not give up big plays on defense and try and do a better job on the run ostensibly you know we got a bill moved the ball to get some first downs get some explosives mix than there and do a good job in the red zone and try to score some points because these guys are gonna probably scores on themselves okay good luck today that all right thank you that's the Vic Fangio show presented by Marist our casino resort spa black **** as you play with my choice new my choice members now get a guaranteed thirty dollars after signing up the L. joy this next with his big matchups coming up on the K. way Broncos radio network take Colorado Chas onus IV and I've got a quick question for you what would you do if you could avoid getting a cold or flu this year would you spend more time with family and friends maybe climb a fourteener maybe you take up curling you know you've been putting that off.

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