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More we are no longer alone now back to coast to coast AM I'd KGO eight ten okay so I have my answer on coast to coast AM I went to wiki and that was wrong there is I always thought I'm coming home I've done my time was just a song about a convict this is the start of tie a yellow ribbon in fact this isn't it very clearly not the story of a convict who had told his love to tie a ribbon would to a tree outside of town I know because I wrote the song one morning fifteen in fifteen minutes with the late lyrical genius when Levine this is these are the words of L. Russell brown the co author the genesis of this idea came from the age old folk tale about a union prisoner of war who sent a letter to his girl that he was coming home from a Confederate POW camp in Georgia anything about a criminal is pure fantasy well I mean I was eleven don't be so harsh hi that's why assignment but okay fair enough so it is about a returning that about that so let's go to we go back to open lines on coast to coast AM and it's Christopher in cedar rapids Christopher Hey how you doing doing great we're going to take us so originally out and talk about my background and witchcraft but since and I were talking about war I would give my two cents about the fear of the Cold War your the one that we already had or one that might be coming well with the general fear that you know what would happen if nuclear war came out so I will talk about the first thing I want to you know get a little blurb about trust because but yeah you know during the eighty there were a lot of beers you know that you know no the tension between the US and Russia you know know people were afraid no that Reagan was going to be the one who's going to push the button lots on news and one of the people who thought that was Nick Meyer who directed the popular TV movie the day after yep and then there was the more handsome British version thread directed that but no the fear of what happened before during and after a nuclear attack seems to be the last of a issue within modern day America but still the whole problem lingers they were out time as new nuclear weapons get more and more and more is hand okay so I'm thinking if there was at an all new episode of the Americans from years ago they actually showed some clips of the day after so once again this would be beneficial if something like the day after and threats were to be remade well for modern audiences yeah that's an interesting idea of button I think Nick Meyer might even be the guy to do it you know he's I think he's still active he was on we had to mount coaster coast on the anniversary of Star Trek two the wrath of Khan get a book out at a news agree he was a great interview used to one of my favorite interviews actually so yes I mean I think that's where we are in a lot of ways is this showdown with it's not just prudent I think now we can think about and we weren't really thinking about China so much of the time it was all focused on Russia but now there's many nuclear threat so okay Maria as well yeah exactly and you had a quick thing you want to see about Custer coast yeah so listening to close because for several years I mean you and richer and chores and even back then with the late our pals you guys really think was inspired me to follow up on now two dogs you know broadcast and journalism is which I'm studying right now good where right now I'm going to crib between a college without going to transfer to the university of Iowa that's great I was city fun town and someday hopefully I can be a host on because because hell yeah I got it I I'm I wait every week for them to call me and tell me I'm done so the terrible you I'll keep the chair warm for you to be ready but in the meantime get get that get that degree done and by the way you're doing it right I'd actually that's totally fair to do you know all of those prerequisites at a community college lot cheaper you can even get it done faster and then and then then get you to a a larger university program and you receive I was terrific hawk eyes good luck right thank you for jumping in let's go to see where we start with next I think our next one would be Blair in Sedona on coast to coast where AT and it's now July twentieth twenty nineteen exactly fifty years after our first walk on the moon and I had lunch with Apollo fourteen Victor Mitchell here in Sedona back in nineteen ninety nine cool how that happened well I was the AV check for chat and kalista snows earth mysteries and the millennium symposium held at the Sedona Shelton you yeah it's awesome yeah again check in police trucking police does what doctor checked snow and his wife police the snows earth mysteries and the millennium symposium at the down the hills and in nineteen ninety nine hi it's a pause with me here revel in that that is so Sedona what you just said that it's so Sedona wonderful town but that whole idea of space mysteries looking over the skies that's you feel that every time I'm in in Sedona that's great thank you so so what did you so you happen to be then one of the astronauts came for that event I might come up and I was one of the few that didn't pastor about what he saw on the moon matter of fact doctor Mitchell with a little bit per turbine he was telling people if he's basically the you brought out the letter X. sciences in nineteen seventy three if you remember when he came back from the mony had and actual experience he called Mahdi when you look at the stars and the moon and the sun it was ecstasy and he had this is Tiffany enough so the seats first next mission as always talking about the spiritual potentials of humanity yet at the same time doctor Mitchell was going through a period that I've heard other astronauts went through Ian where I god bless them he passed away in twenty sixteen but during lunch which I was surprised I asked them if you want to join me for lunch in the hallway and he said yes which surprised the heck out of me that affect us in the photo to Gina but me and doctor me all cool which is that if there were clear channel email chain smoking cigarettes and he was drinking Bourbon yet these drinking hard liquor during lunch and I was noticing people asking about we saw the movie said he had a fifteen minute blank out and he refused to talk about it so I thought that was sort of interesting to throw in the mix tonight yeah that okay so if he's doing it hard Bourbon at lunch they're samadhi for you right which if that's the if I if we're talking about the same thing somebody being the yoga you'll get garb Buddhist or Sanskrit whatever meditative consciousness that'll get you there but this is really interesting so your your experience with him reminds me you know you have when you like people up it's very intimate moment isn't it when you because you have to kind of touch somebody to really get in their physical space and so when I'm being miked up by people I I never mind it but I know other people get really touchy and they're like no no I'll do it myself and they don't like to have other people Mike them for them what do you learn when you are making some but when you were making somebody of for all those years that you were doing that professionally what did you learn about the person who is about to be interviewed by making them up it was something new for a new facility in your solar plexus tell me about them yeah it's a situation where that's where like the spirit enters the solar plexus you get a mediate sense if you're in past six of what the persons in the VFC light and with a lot of them there would be a calm serenity doctor Larry tachi comes to mind you pop show for a comes to mind and then there are others that off as I mentioned names of the negative I don't wanna you know sound like they're not doing the work but there are others like doctor Bernie Siegel where I saw the disjointed miss and it's just it's just health and we're all human Ian and we all worked different strokes is like the moody blues song right my sea sauce you know up and down and around in our six six six body of carbon atoms you know we do not so interesting thank you for answering that question because I I I don't get miked up like I used to I don't do TV like I used to but I always sort of enjoyed that experience when somebody would come in and they'd be like in there they were professional about it but is a kind of a moment reads one of those rare times when somebody else might have their hand up your sweater yeah you know and you get like others like almost a connection to and a good Mike guy or or women you know somebody who's doing the Mike work on something like that you really do sort of feeling not connection I always do so thanks I really enjoy that and it's interesting you know what it's it also you kind of when it goes to is this idea of depression of people who've been in space there's a lot of research about astronauts who have spent even a little time and space that they spend the rest of their life dealing with the depression and it's not because they faked the moon landing I don't believe it's just because there's something about having gone through something with so few people on this planet have but also just like that where Mitchell said there's fifteen minutes he blanks out on any stricken Scott Bourbon at noon and yeah but that that idea to about about depression in space and willing brings back to the conversation with the guy was trying to say that Neil Armstrong became a virtual recluse was only around for a week or so after the moon landing it's somebody like that I I'm in regular conversation with people on Twitter at deacon pundit D. E. A. C. O. N. P. U. N. N. E. T. T. and somebody reminded me about all the commercials that Neil Armstrong is due for Chrysler Alex typical of your hermits when I go to a bird who's in the Daytona beach Florida on coast to coast AM Burt moon hoax is absolutely driving me nuts we'll talk about that you call the right the doctor is in you can look this up in nineteen sixty one there was a professor at Princeton who got permission to put me here on the moon it's still functioning to day there's a group of people that shoot a laser at it N. measure if it's coming or going you need to get these people on okay here's your M. protocol proof I love that idea so there's a mirror on the moon I don't know why I didn't know this before yeah you know because it you know packaging was really tight they needed the light experiments that were simple simple to deploy right a case they had the abort the mission and you know take off and it Amir it's a mere and that that's not natural and there's a group of people that measure the moaning yep this since accurately it's called laser late is so it's red retro reflectors the and it's part of a laser lunar measuring expired precise measurement of the earth known it up yeah I could use your yard gold it like you told me to and yeah there's a bunch of those actually more than one this call I don't know that would those people are and then Sally nice day happy motoring okay thank you let me go to Anthony east of the Rockies in in Virginia Anthony Hey Dan how are you doing great open line scene what I'm doing I'm sorry a pretty big question for an hour take this not totally different direction with this question and keep my with the question much come will give a little bit of background where I'm coming from I grew up.

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