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The two languages was the rational one because a mile this. I suspect the lines of irrational says the question knowing what do because if he didn't have a rational mel was fantastic with emily of china simply manage her food routines. Just get things don Adopted portland said it's not the was more other but the ones often undisturbed is the language of irrational. Because it's hard one. Yeah why is it harder. I think bizarrely enough teddy. I tell you if. I can make a jump back to what we were beforehand create. Suzy stands like a mongolian baptist for good the web when we did a survey on creativity in the workplace. Two thousand twenty. We looked to the past five years to find out what kind of people being recruited. By companies i k and we found the vast majority recruits it tons of mindset will the logic rational mindset rather than the emotional creative mindset so the actual kind of set its signed as we get older. We the more kind of crazy. Most the tools will laws. You get things done inside. Hit side. I just think it's almost. Elvis knocked out athabasca system by the time that we get to kind of like you know on the twenties and thirties when we need it most so you need to be crazy but you need to become a care of people in need side. I think it's just something. The as a human race would become more morass to logical less emotional and less crazy. Okay so coming into the part. To how as a leader do we encourage the conversation and the practice of mental health in the workplace. And this is a good one because i think at the moment unforced sneeze in the workplace. Be great leaps in mental health. Genuine society lost bastion. Lost job. to be done is probably the workplace where it still is still not. I did not good enough as the thing i think. One of the reasons why is because the companies if you look at that kind of mission statements policies evidenced in place and the took in talk but not necessarily of walking the walk polly. If you get back to the conversation with just had when. I was really ill. Many years ago in the workplace. I was frightened to anybody nature. Because i kind of thought it'd be the death knell career if hr what they're going to a week. It was competitive. So don't do that..

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