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Trots. Switch up his defense. Poor Zeke is live Steve's out nineteen seconds into this game. And this one is one by the islanders, Johnny boy. Check in the near foreigner there on the far set to Martin couldn't pass DC Miller and right point Brexit by the islanders net. Boy jugglers they're the near side boards quarterback gets lose Zeke marching the right side at center delighting Martin rate circle not Martinus pass picked up at backtracking. Anthony, Sara, Sara Lee counters up the left wing of the red line. Check part by quarterback. He does dump it Emba leading of the counter for New York right wing Brock Nelson. He swore that first goal last meeting between the teams he's check your by headman yields out to center ice, Johnny go. Check back in karate fumbles the puck making away Nelson. He took a shot. The slots Selassie the puck is loose. It's rabbi Ryan police in the right corner. Pass by finds Anders league, Leila circle. Hourly back relief circle point out of twenty four. Walk shoots. Aclu wide left. Read. I'm just gonna skip to Leila circle is checked by Girardi lighting at a turnover. There almost cost them. Tyler Johnson gets a free two point. And point turns with it dances out of trouble to center ice, y'all maneuver it forward yet it again and dump it in a good play by point to get it down the ice. Pellets transit Transito Tyler to steal right circle. Right. So go to drop right point chap, Coburn. Lapointe shoots the wide. Right. Rebound is going to skip out of the Sergiyev. Retrieves bagging own though, scoring the first left wing, it's Coburn paths. Deflects to circuit shabby hurries it out to center ice. Stamkos gloves it down and sticks forward for Polat letty blocked at but he turns it over Coburn for Gort marches across the New York line dances by that trying to keep it moving for stamp goats. It's taken away by boy, Jack, y'all squeeze freedom. Matt Marcel result the middle settled the lightning zone lost to a poke check. Johnny gorge chops at the pocket and put an. Off letty stick? I think into the lightning bench. Yes. It will be a neutral zone. Besa no score in the first. Pretty dangerous chance there against the lightning turnover in their own zone. And somebody's in front, but Andrei vasilevskiy from the start and make a couple of big stops prevent that one from going in just under three minutes into this game. Billboard hot podcast for neutralize one by Valkyrie felpro. Both former lightning Centerman. Devante jobs and his own zone right wing Mayfield. Passed the center. Isis deflected by Leo calmer onto the lighting zone of Michael Dell poll pursues, right circle. Tripped up a bit call rabbi mcdonagh Bina jams for turn in the near corner. Be clear it yes. To center ice me feel knocks down launches it. Back in hard around is pursued by calmer on the left corner. He is snatched with the ice by turn actor gets the puck back from podcast. Couldn't clear contagious. What point shot wide right is? Adam Ernie up along the near side boards comes up with it. And directs a preferred path. Deflects out a play. It's going to be a neutral zone. Face off with seventeen o seven left in a scoreless. First. Pretty good pasted this game. So far. Not has been really dangerous in front yet. Other exception of that one turn over in the light began, but both teams playing hearts, and I've seen a lot of these passes reader acted. Doing pretty good job right now at trying to contain them and prevent them from getting into that dangerous center areas. They come up the ice Sorolla Zeke is again at center ice. One by Sara Lee, headman arches up the left wing and flips it in after the surrounded by the net. Keith booming, Alex, left, circle circle. A miller. T Miller after the puck left circle a pretty good overall game against the penguins. The other night Miller scored the one five on five widening guy cycles it here for Dougherty, right circle. Ferrelli is broken up by Suzuki's printed out the quarterback at center ice. One on one waits for help across the line left circle. Headman checks quarterback about Zeke is five pass blocked by Lorna danger already has it under stick Girardi launches it out to center ice. Ryan Polack Watson counterforces Zeke is rendered ahead. Men's stick answer. L will have the puck exit to center ice, flip it in over three and a half minutes. Played any scoreless. First heloc forever Lee at the right wing to the red line. Bounces it in kill certificate to the lightning their corner. Oh, a little pass picked up four point shot by Vasyl Lasky vitamin tip on the way by brought Nelson. Here's Everley right circle. Slide is too dangerous chances in the offense zone. So far, two shifts Andrews lethal right circles jet by Sergei travel, kucherov, good cleared out held in Palo Alto office sticking point counters, maybe two one one point across the line right circle halls cuts and shoot say it again and Chipper wide right right there by grace rebound point behind that Friday maneuver it in front, but is there to smothering allows the best lightning scoring chance. So far heloc fumble the pocket point count, not a two on one grace to see that was a great little play by Brayden point. We've seen him do that. When he's got time and space, and he's always so good in overtime hoodie has that kind of space that was not man rush. But he just had a pumps the brakes. Stop pulls up a little bit of a tow. Dragon tries to put one in top south on. Is that he stands tall. And his reason was able to get that one down and prevent the rebounds. While. That was officially for the white. Even I shot. More. Now a word. Face up. Josh, Steven stamkos. That will wait Thomas grace up for sure he was stellar as you mentioned earlier Dave in that first game in Brooklyn. And that was a fantastic per se. They have to make an Bailey comes up with a face off win. Boy Chuck out the center ice. Well, leap it in by the lightning. Turn back the free pass for Lord of the far side trying to get this out of trouble the gun in the near corner plot. It's about a stick. Now, let's turn to center ice. Fires it in Bryce shot at around the bar boards. It hit a Stanford compared to letty any ripped it out of the zone Chernick as it could aligning the middle Polat for stamkos y'all chip at an-and grace, and he's going to cover this up lighting, you'll go to work with the face off in the offense zone with fifteen six left, and he scoreless first. Rated points line of tobacco. So Barry trots has gone away from that match up. There was so affected. At least started this game very effective in the first meeting between the teams meet New York saying sick. And we're all meeting. Built point to the Lebanon rice. Tie up who's got who refuse it right corner drop it at the right point headman couldn't hold it in Derartu tracks it back at center ice little house off the stick of del Colle and ends up in the lightning bench, again, fourteen fifty six locked in a scoreless first. Harry filmed, blah, former member of the Tampa Bay Lightning. He said if they don't have that fourth line matching up against the point line. And he said last time, obviously, maybe just the score having that nothing lead early on. They were able to get that match up in they were able to play with some confidence, and maybe a little bit more than they would. They not. Up by three holes in that game. Robin podcast from neutralize one by Cedric podcast, Victor Edman skeets towards center ice dishes for charity. Right. We joseph. Cuts his way through traffic ranks it in Mayfield behind the islanders debt in front to clear on the nearside held and headman. Luckily shots by grace, Ernie left circle to moving by the islanders net. It's gonna pinball to Girardi stepping to the right corner. And Gerardi get support from Joseph, but divide has the puck Dave's kicked by Joseph quite setup Ernie. The puck is put off the near glass out by Nathanael to del Colle, etc. Crossed the blonde. It's comparable of circle drop pass alluded del Colle, not Joseph full counter, maybe the end of a shift here jeans, the red lion Ramsden heads off to the bench. Although Ernie pursues the pot couldn't get it away from his check podcast in the near corner. Steals gops appointed Coburn off his stick and find its way out the center ice Sergeyev's, their weight counter Lorne, though, scoring the first corn barrels across the New York line circle. What point for Coburn? Gotcha doesn't shoot. You'll work right circle. Sara lee. Ross as Coburn. Lapointe over shoots blocked in front quarterback spring. Matt Martin at the center, I see well marked with the red line bangs it in fact, get into circuit behind tried to leave for Coburn. Pullman wasn't ready for it. But he makes a skill from zeke's who had gone to the puck. I now Surbiton ice outlets Torelli three on three dental left wing at center across the blue line left circle. Which DC Miller DC Miller point is checked. He couldn't play folded into came out ozone. You Rams it back in the line. You're gonna tag up so play will continue Brian Polak makes his way to the red line crossed the blind right point shoot. Save ass. Alaska rebound tracks into the right corner. Lee Andrews league in the left corner, lobster go to Abberley the point out of public shoots. He flew with wide array who Trump gets the puck ducks back into the near corner. Turns it over and Abberley right circle. At lea-. Anders league centers for Nelson. A little centering pass again in front forever league. Got walked by Donald lining of trouble on this ship, though. Everley when leading right point boy, Charlton shoots blocked in front rebound. Dr boy, Chuck right point point for letty biting cannot get it letty shot blocked in front by mcdonagh and point barrels at center, maybe three onto right wing coup drop possible line right point cetera. Feed four great and point block go by leading a big play. And now, I Abberley will counter to the red line dump it in and head off for change binding of the three onto their but letty block that pass that had gone through point would have been alone in the golden. Alive at center ice. Stamkos couldn't get her. Life. Matheny pavilion rancid in no score. In the first a lot waiting for the pocket. Hit a stanchion and Bartels able to steal a probaly left circle the corner. Beauvilliers woodwork work there already. There comes plot out to center down the right wing cross the blind Yanni Gord barrels after into the right corner. Gordon jostling with Mayfield finds plot right circle. Circle. Gourd swats for stamkos find that. Steven stamkos in the offense zone. Pivoting unveiling..

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