Robert Beausoleil, WFL, Governor Gavin Newsom discussed on PM Tampa Bay with Ryan Gorman


Vehicles struck. A passenger van and the other semi truck. Watson semis struck. They both caught on fire as well. As the passenger car that was carried over from the northbound lane. Five children who are part of a church group from Louisiana headed for DisneyWorld were killed along with the two semi drivers. At least eight others are injured. A former follower of cult master Charles Manson may soon be out of prison. The California board has recommended parole for Robert Beausoleil, the seventy one year-old was convicted of murder and sentenced to death in nineteen sixty nine for killing a man in an LA home. Investigators say Beausoleil used the victim's blood to write political piggies on the wall. He was denied parole in two thousand sixteen and now he's fate is in the hands of newly elected, California. Governor Gavin Newsom it's six oh, three on NewsRadio nine seventy WFL a stocks wipe out yesterday, huge losses. The Dow up seven hundred forty seven points. The NASDAQ two hundred seventy five in the SNP up eighty four investors cheering away better than expected jobs report for December. And there relieved to hear Jay pal say, the central Bank can be patient on interest rate hikes down stay the course even after. President Trump said the government shutdown collapse four year or more are you expecting tax refund. The IRS can accept tax returns during a government shutdown, but it can process refunds south, the shutdown persist, you may have to wait eighteen are block season opportunity here the tax preparers offering customers up to three thousand dollars in advance. Even if the IRS is closed, it's a no interest loan to be repaid out if they're refund checks game. Stop shares surged more than seventeen percent on a report in the Wall Street Journal, the two private equity firms are bidding for the video game store for NewsRadio nine seventy WFL. A I'm Adrienne Mitchell. With the Bloomberg business update..

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