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To see this ESO perform this along. With the movie at? Ravenna tonight how cool. Is that I'll let you. Know so I love that music. I and I love Bernard Hermann he's one of. The great. Composers of all time totally agree I you guys know what. The hell you're really. Talking about, I'd done he does I. Mean 'cause, that? Sounds like, fine pardon me Griffin I mean no disrespect Fine generic old time movie music but it is. Lovely was pleasant yeah maybe maybe you'll feel it tonight but I can't believe. That use zoned, in on that having. Seen it on TV or computer. All these years, later I don't know it's it's really dramatic when you see the. Whole movie I mean that was just a minute but when you see the whole movie but Bernard. Hermann his. First movie that he ever. Composed for was citizen. Kane. And, his last movie. That he did the score for was. Taxi driver and then he did a million in. One of the greatest. Careers, about time he did psycho that's probably the. Miles. He did a lotta Hitchcock movies so this one psycho north by northwest and? The birds and a bunch of others. But one of the best I tonight at Ravenna and they've got a beautiful big screen instead up I'm. Jealous I think it'd? Be great maybe I'll. Pop over yeah well feel. Free to I'm going to be. There with Brendan some friends will probably be raining. Like all. Hell so it'll be good yeah you really need to work. On this today okay. I don't, know what did it start. Griffin with? McDonald's? Or where, did this This, whole thing start I think that's my my. Sour. Mood today started with our visit to the apple store that sells hamburgers now Pretty sober for that. Actually, I, was, in, a bad mood before then right and. I think I know what. Was it because I. Was a little late oh no no no didn't have anything to do with you don't do that to. Yourself Yes there's two minutes late Happening. In those two minutes Thirty seconds pass the time we're supposed to, me and John calls me I'm like a graph, looks, at me and goes hey. She's only, two minutes late I mean come, on, relax and I'm like no. I'm not upset at all I just thought I'd let. Her know where we were so I didn't answer.

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