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I'm Jeff Mon on Arizona's news station K T A R news. Mike Broom head show on K T A R news 92 3 FM and the K T A R news app. Thanks so much for being here. It's the Mike Groom had show. We appreciate you spending some time with us today, Dr. Cara Chris joined me at 8 30. By the way, if you missed it, and you want to hear the entire interview, I'm gonna play it. It's an entirety at 11 35 today before the show, So one hour from now we will play the entire interview back for you if you'd like to hear it. Dr Cara Chris joined us. And we talked with her about the county sites. Now the rumor was they were running out of out of out of doses of the vaccine at the county sites, the county pod sites. So there are a couple of sites that are run by the state, and that is at Phoenix Municipal Stadium and State Farm Stadium. And there are other pod sites around they're being run by the county health health director. And so obviously the state gets them in. So we asked Dr Cursed about this and what's going to happen? Are you working with the county? Are you going to get doses to those places for working directly with the sites to make sure that appointments don't need to be canceled on that they get the vaccine that they need to meet the appointments that they have? So our team is reaching out, but we are working directly with them. So the rumor was they could run out as early as tomorrow of doses of the vaccine. I know someone that is in line to get their second dose on Saturday. Are those people going to be able to get their dose is there will be that pain available, And so we know that we've got the vaccine here in the valley that we can redistribute. So no one should worry about showing up at a vaccine site today or tomorrow to it to get vaccinated. So she is saying that those doses will be given to them. We I asked the doctor about how many doses we're getting. Versus how many doses we've asked for. And what's the difference? I mean, can you know what what could we be? What could we actually be doing if we had the doses that we need? What we're asking for is an additional allocation of about 300,000 doses per week. That would give us a total allocation of about 452 470,000 week, because right now we're getting about 170,000 each week and that statewide. We know that the pods that we both the county and the state run prods could function just with the 300,000 additional doses that we asked for. So that's good news that we have the capacity to grow and get people vaccinated faster. On Wednesday, we crossed over the one million mark we could get. There must quicker and we could get people vaccinated quickly in Arizona. If we were able to do that, so she did say, you know, hang on. There are gonna be more appointments coming. We should be opening up more appointments at are state run pods So we would tell people you know, Look for our announcement will always give a heads up and they keep trying, because the demand is certainly outpacing our supply it this time. When it comes to the phase one. We're in phase one be right now, which you know is frontline workers, and we know that it's including educators. We just heard if you've heard during Katya our news they broke the news that the county sites were only vaccinating people. 75 years old and older in this phase, they now are dropping that to the 65 under beginning on the 15th. Which is very, very good news That's Monday. They will do that. So we've already been doing that at the state run sites. It's been 65 Plus that those state run sites. When will they wrap up one B? When will the next phase and who were those people be in the next phase? But most importantly, first and foremost, When does this one end? We want to start moving into that, probably at the end of February, beginning of March. Daddy is going to depend on the vaccine supplies. So depending on that supply, my next question was what about getting doses into pharmacies? Now she does talk about the fact that they're in. Some of those places now are currently limited doses that are available in pharmacies in Arizona that will continue to increase. I know that, as of today, the federal program will open up in there directly allocating federal stop scene. That will be fries, Albertsons, Safeway and Walgreens. And then we'll continue to expand that that pharmacy program as we get more about feet, But we are hoping that it will be readily available by April, so and then Dr Fauci made those statements as well. They're hoping that by April, it's available to the general public. And you know, I didn't get into a lot of percentages with her. How many people are getting it versus people that aren't but she did talk a little bit about her immunity when we were talking about getting a mask. The CDC has come out and said good news that once you're fully vaccinated, you are not contagious to other people. And that's great news and you don't have to quarantine which is very, very good news. But what about the need to wear a mask? Once you're fully vaccinated. If you're not contagious to other people, can you remove your mask? Even if you are vaccinated, please still wear a mask. We don't have enough community or the herd immunity in order to protect those vulnerable people. And we don't know if you get infected, even if you've been in Vaccinated. You may be symptomatic, but you may be able to pass it on to others. Now. The CDC data is contradicting that a bit, but the study's air still early, so they're asking everyone to wear a mask and a part of this I know is going to be the nightmare. People just same line vaccinated. And you just believe that they've been vaccinated. Are you willing to carry a card around that says I've been vaccinated, therefore, have to wear a mask. There's going to be a transition period. And I'm looking forward to the transition period where Maura people are vaccinated than not vaccinated when we're seeing numbers plummet and people are beginning to get more comfortable because then people are going to really want those masks off. The masks, and I got to tell you I'm not comfortable in them either, but they're more of a nuisance because of the statement they make or they don't the idea that you don't care about people If you don't wear a mask drives me bananas. I hate when people say that It's Zsa such a horrible thing to say, Um, When I was a little boy smoking was very common, and not too thought It was thought not to be such a threat You smoked in every building you went into of the old people that watch it tonight show the Johnny Carson show. Johnny Carson had a lit cigarette on his desk. Now. My mom loved us very, very much. We were little kids. My mom smoked. She smoked in the car, crack a window. I used to go to my grandfather's house. And there was a layer of smoke about 3 ft. Off the floor, just kind of hovering. They loved us very much. There wasn't the information there was now, but what we transition to was smoking is dangerous to smoking is the biggest killer on the planet..

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