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Ten when i'm a series so it was about hurricanes him and i'm good after insurance but what she won the politte surprise okay quoted me last year enough to be luck us the way times story ushered appealing times now basically i was making the point politician didn't get was jerry brown associated i'll fired would green okay options but you know we should expect all occasional to look to the disaster of the moment to try to make political hey out of it even if it's and he was connection and atlanta pick literature i'm sure with actually attack by some of appears in the media i don't put quoting me on that particular topic so but the pressure that applied to people to avoid what are game to be inconvenient he was earn commit perspective can be pretty and camp and there's a little out that goes on behind the scenes the mic on the debate that's not all very pretty essentially emailed you shortly thereafter after being pilloried by her peers in the media and what she said you know oh she's about us accountable warning label but if you quote and roger pill pete junior but the wrath of them but guarding him and media matters and others will come down up on you and she was pretty pretty much burned and by quoting man you know cut him at a quarter me stamps which is probably good advice for and did she have to the adorned sack last shaver ahead and and the and the parade and you watch game of thrones yeah and then what happened sir c wonder.

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