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Of the reasons why took so long to integrate the game because the Yankees were in no hurry to see integration because the Negro Leagues were renting to Ballpark for them they were getting. A percentage of the gate and likely all of the concession. The same thing could be said in other cities across the country and so that had as much of an impact in wide took so long to integrate as anything because many of these mateen were making money off the Negro Leagues I mean it speaks to the legacy of systemic racism that one of the greatest differences between these two parallel sets of leagues was that the the white major leagues had access to capital, be it through inheritance businesses or loans to acquire real estate and develop it, and then you know use use that power to extract rant from the African American parallel. I can said it better myself. That whole aspect has always been a part of. The african-american plight in this country, and so while these African American businessmen were certainly shrewd enough to be able to generate capital to put these teams together. They still had to turn to Major League baseball in order to have the kinds of places that they needed to play these games and so when I hear people say, well, you know the Negro Leagues scheduled was so haphazard. No, not really they just had to wait until major league baseball set its schedule so that they could see where the open dates were because they were using so many of the of their stadiums. How many people were going to Negro Leagues. Man Filling out the ballpark's matter of fact, in many cities across this great country of ours they teams were outdrawing many major league teams and so here Kansas City, the Kansas City great city monarchs played at that time you'll backfield and then eventually municipal stadium. The stadium before they put on the epidemic for football held about seventeen thousand when the monarchs played their Jesse Seventeen thousand plus standing room only well when they go to Yankee Stadium, they're putting forty thousand in Yankee Stadium at Comiskey, on the South side of Chicago they've got fifty plus thousand in for the Negro League's version of the All Star game, the East West Classic. So they were filling up these ballparks in Washington DC home then the Washington senators. Clark Griffith was watching the homestead grades outdraw his Washington Senators, which again is one reason why he had tinkered with the notion of signing. Buck Leonard and John Gibson well before branch rickey made the move signed Jackie Robinson but again. He's watching Leonard Player dazzling space and he's watching Josh. Gibson hit balls where no mere motor had ever it them but he's also watching all of these black fans feel up his ballpark and if I put the Negro Leagues out of business..

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