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It is like you're just on the road. You're never anywhere. That's yours and increasingly people around. You have different roles. It sounds like maybe you guys would have been safeguarded from that in some way because you had each other, but even with with each other feel like you're losing touch with. Real life for us. Yeah, well, yeah, 'cause you fatigue! That's in the documentary. You guys eventually did fatigue right? Yeah, became completely surreal, because it's like this thing that we're especially in our case because it was like with pfeiffer party, and and then sort of having to play these roles, so we talked about earlier. It's all sudden were expected to be that all the time where you Kinda were kind of making fun of as you say like Frat, fraternity culture and yet the show was made up of like grows. There's a little dissonance there right like Oh. Wow, the pros. But it was it. Does this weird feeling like kind of built up inside of us right of like Holy Shit? This is not the people that we saw these downtown. New York City clubs on stage inspired us. We so desperately wanted to become like we are onstage or like Whoa. We're not that anymore. We're not like these people courageously. Making whatever they wanna make were like now. These you know actors doing this thing that we only feel a part of not wholeheartedly that thing and. It was weird. It was it was a very. Surreal feeling that I think it's like that feeling is really what Fatih doesn't made us feel like we. We need to take a break here and then. It was funny looking back at it. It just seems totally human for us to want to take a break at that point, right? We're like eighteen nineteen years old. We've been on. This aired me at that point twenty. We've been on this hamster wheel. Try and spin it around as fast as we can just like. Go to Russell like we need. We need a break from this now..

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