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By about $54 billion over the next decade. It's 803 nothing really, from the weather affecting our roadways right now, But we do have some problems out there. Laurie Grandi is watching the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Yeah, it's been a tough morning out there. You know, we have a roll over right now. It's on the rap to 93 South about 1 33 to 93 south out in and over. So watch out for delays there. Let's get a check now. The upper end of 1 28 with Krista back in the WBC news, radio traffic copter. Well, Laurie, we have word of a new problem here. 1 28 North found a vehicle apparently has gone off the road at the Great Bind. Rode up in the Beverly Manchester stretcher when of them make it s so keep an eye open for that South is still looking pretty good. Heading down past the mall's 95. Route one. You're okay at the clover Leaf with 93. It looks good heading down toward the mass, pike and Western as well. Kristen acting, the WBC news radio traffic copter. We have had a lot of spinouts this morning and a lot of slippery conditions with the very light precipitation we had early on this morning and low temperatures 95 South on We still got that truck with the shifted load. I know that could be anyways, right by route. 16 in Newton. Also gotta crash to watch out for Route six West about this on the Cape In Dennis. Two lanes are blocked up multiple multiple vehicles involved. By route. 1 34, Laurie Grandi WBC's traffic on the three. Here it comes again. We barely put the shovels away. We gotta drag him out again. We'll be getting a workout. So will the shovels later on today, driveways. Have turned into skating rinks already.

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