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We talked about the consumer a little bit. But these tariff, you know, who pays it? We do. So the president talks about billions of dollars coming into this country. What happens is our companies have to pay higher tariff to bring it in. They pass it on the consumer. So is that reflected on the daddy? Yep. Probably not. Maybe that's what the stock market is looking for. But I would say that that is something as long as it continues. Right. If we had this prolonged trade skirmish, or whatever you wanna call it that will be reflected in the data things will be twenty five percent high. I think there's a deleterious effect long-term here, which is that you actually see look look at you as pork farmers. There will be pork bought from other parts of the world. And that business may not come back dollar for dollar. I'm not saying it's gonna go away forever. US steel companies on average, whether it's aka whether it's new core weather, US steel was still prices at all time. Highs are down forty nine percent on average of cross the board since these tariffs were nets. How they doing? I mean, so you can't tell me that biz. Pisses aren't being impacted right now syncing. Syncing deleterious is an excellent high five five Salama move really been. I you laid how are you holding up doing? I'm enjoying was said big words all night long. It'd be fantastic. Be a great show. We gotta go actually be a good show. But it would be. It's interesting if the fed does let's just say the fed takes a pause. What does that mean for the US dollar maybe the tower, then get smacked buying power is consumer goes down, maybe necessarily good thing. I mean, there are a lot of market does rip need your. I need your maybe jerked market rip relation more fed. Still had check out where we stand with Facebook. The stop all over the map here. It is now down almost four percent. CEO Mark Zuckerberg made some comments on the conference call. We'll tell you exactly what you said that move that stopped lower. I'm Melissa you're watching fast one AFC NBC first in business worldwide. Much more fast money coming up next. Welcome back to fast money. Facebook. CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaking in the company's earnings call moments ago, Julie abortions in Los Angeles tells what he said about the quarter the sent the stock lower. Julia, well, Melissa those shares moved lower as Zachariah waited number of warnings about business challenges facing the company and various transitions he's at the twenty nine nine. We'll be another year of significant investment to make the platform safe and also shifts revenue to businesses both around private messaging and video he spoke to the challenge about transitioning Facebook users from reliance on the news and advertisers from lines in the news feed to the stories format. He said that transition startup slower than than they had hoped. He also warned about the challenge of making those user interactions with ads on stories as profitable. I want to be up front that even doing that. We get to where we wanna go from a feat only world to feed stories world. It will take some time in revenue growth may be slower during that period. Like, it was while transitioning our product to mobile. Zac, America, also warning about their investment in video and another transition there. Take a listen. Beyond the mission challenges displacing social direction. There was also a business challenge. Which is that video monetize significantly less well per minute than people interacting and beat. This means that even though we've made a video more community oriented and minimize displacement of social interaction video grows. It will still display some other services where we'd probably make more money. So you're hearing a lot of warnings there about transitions and business challenges. No, he did speak about the value of what's up as they build a business around it. He talked about the potential not only for users, but for advertisers. And he said that what's episode popular because of its stronger record on privacy because it systems are set up. So that messages cannot be seen or access by government or bad actors back to that that turn bad actors, but he did say that the midterms will be a big test of the privacy and the protections on the platform that they've been investing so much in Melissa the call is still going on..

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