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But he never gave up on the play. No, it didn't the J loop those sticks Matt money and Daniel Jeremiah with a call for K F. I Philip rivers tied the NFL record for consecutive completions. That throw too keen, and it was also great play by Allen who kept on moving and moving and finding a little window. These guys have are locked in right now. Anyway, so rivers tied the record for most completions has started game and the highest percentage in a game as the chargers whooped up on the cardinals forty five ten that the stub or at the hub. Or at the centre rivers probably deserves some MVP loved to write Mark come on is always forgotten. And it doesn't help that. He's playing in a city where he's absolutely playing second fiddle to everything that the Rams are doing right now. Sixth little yes. I mean, how many fiddles can there be because you see that stadium and that clippers fiddle is like playing louder a little bit louder a little bit louder. I mean, I I want to get to the stadium thing in a second. But they're one concerning issue. Melvin Gordon who came in with knee and hip issues left with a injury on his other knee, which the lays the latest. I'm seeing here is that Williams of ESPN thinks it's an MC L, which is much obviously better than an ACL. And they feel like he could return, but may miss the Steelers game next week, which is critical. Ouch. They do have one of the more deeper intriguing backfield's in the league. And those in Austin ler came in later and played fantastically. They did everything you could ask for on offense and Joey Bosa made a couple of big plays the cardinals to me or an absolute loss. 'cause. But if you wanna pull one thing hopeful I thought the first drive with Rosen and David David Johnson was promising, but it's more of the same. It's just flat lining team that has to question if they're going to keep their coach around. This was a chargers game for me because they got down early where they bounced back well after that loss to Denver, and I I do think that they can go into Pittsburgh and beat them. But I don't know if you could do that without Melvin Gordon that was my biggest takeaway from watching the game when they fall behind ten nothing after what we saw in the fourth quarter, the previous Sunday, you're like, oh, man charge is going to charge her here. And then they just they do they roll forty five straight points out. And they just score every time they have the ball. And it's just another reminder. I mean, this is shouldn't you do not get lollipops for beating the cardinals at home. But for charge team it has demons and an game that impasse years could easily been a trap game for an organization like this with the Steelers on deck. You gotta give him credit for that. They had one one one series. I thought absolutely showed that they are not previous chargers teams where Rosen through an absolutely awful. And sometimes you see this from Josh Rosen like the decision on a throw. It's just an absolute bad decision. And he threw a terrible pick in this game to win James and then right away. Melvin Gordon shotguns for touchdown. It's like, that's what this team can do their explosive. So I am concerned of Gordon's not in there. I'll give him a little lollipop at least for blow in them out for right? Allowing a century no yards. After those first to drive you didn't like dumdum one of those like one of the dentist dentists. It'd be a Bank lolly Gooding months-old teams. Do they blow up at teams? I got a you take the dumdum is way up there in the lollipop rankings mystery one, well, I like the cherry it's like the apple the fear one rupee Waterson. Watch. Crazy now, you get Llerena green gutter scotch number one in my rent blacks, west come on canto butterscotch out there like that number one by far I'll take blow Popper there as a good pick. Capello pop lasts longer. I mean, it's got come inside. So it can please. Let's. That's. When she has protect your starts to break down rolling to ROY. Wide open. To top stopped. Free fair. Rather sound up dream decker off of W F do..

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