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Bridezillas. Oh, yes, you do like Bridezillas correct. On Reddit, A curvy bride shared that she's decided not to invite her childhood friend to her wedding because she fears shell upstage the bride and her wedding party. She explains that she and this friend go way back. So much so that the friend would likely expect to be a bridesmaid because of their history together. Sure, the problem is the brightest someone who has struggled with her weight for most of her life, and the friend is quote incredibly naturally skinny and in very good shape. And she is also gorgeous. The other bridesmaids and I are on the curve ear, heavier side the bride set in since they're all wearing the same dress. She would ruin the photos by making us all look obese in comparison. Oh, my gosh. Yep. Get therapy lady. There's another bride. Jealous story. Get therapy. Here's another one that I got off. Read it. I'm shifting gears and doing other bridesmaid story. So a woman was supposed to be your friends, Maid of honor until her husband was asked. We don't want you at the wedding. Well, why don't they want you at the wedding? Well, you're too short. Hey, take Tiki's Hey, You're not the only people that ever get married. God, girls. Yes. No one wants to go to your wedding. No. Well, what do you mean, And no one's gonna remember it ever. No one ever wants to look at your pictures, and actually, they'll remember if you have a really short guy or really skinny girl in there. So you might want to do that. What? Susan had pictures taken the video, the whole shooting match. I don't think we've ever seen him once. No, I think we should go. Look, we've said this before the average price for a wedding in America's $29,000 theatrics. Price for a wedding in Europe is $5000. Why? Because they're smarter. They're just smarter. So we do We do this to our girls? We tell them it, Princess Bride. Here's all the You know your wife. All of them have this idea since they were little girls that they're gonna have the greatest day of their lives on that day. Why don't we do that to them, and they have to outdo their girlfriend who was married last year. Don't I do remember when I was a little kid. I used to stand in front of all my stuffed animals with my pillow case on my head and pretend I was getting married to you didn't always said when I was a little kid. They'll be new fat people thought people. No, You didn't. No idea. Your wedding was inclusive. Disappoint to quit in the picture of you in as little short, Chunky Dwight on the 22. Yeah. So cute. Listen, man, You used a pillow case as the, um, Listen in the cereal. It was tough on the teeth, just like a woman. But I always the bridesmaid back in the day will be a David Bowie fan of all people Dispose McTaggart problem was he was marrying Paul Stine. Only that he's from his favorite band. Listen, A lot of people say that pre nup, she was are cool. Oh, what Great that you must thank you possibly know what that means. Thank you pulls down, even know what that means. Hey, listen, I want to tell you about a couple of guys that.

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