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Be pushed back when you're on the schedule, so that basically so that they can have fan because that's the question right now. Is if they did hell this year, could they have fans? Spectator grandstands in corporate sponsor amenities would be under construction for the Ryder Cup of there's been little if any of that at whistling straits and official with the Ryder Cup refuted the Guardian report, which says confirmation that it will be postponed is expected next week. Really so are officially pushing back the or deny the official. They're the people the Ryder are denying it, but this report from the Guardian says confirmation will be made next week. Yeah, okay well. The probably the best outcome because I'm still holding whistling straights Zach Push. The president's come back a year to twenty twenty two. Nobody cares about that right but we, but this is a punch out. Get up and down for bogey and move on the best outcome because God, forbid they had taken us off the shedule. The next open date in the US is twenty four twenty four Yup I'll be dead. That's guarantee. Hundred! Me To I'll be seventy two years old. May Twenty thirty, six congressional to Steve. You're in great shape. I'll be flirting with. Death missed him hitting one handed shots yesterday. Exactly one hundred seventeen student athletes returned to the University of Wisconsin campus on June, eight start voluntary workouts in football volleyball on June fifteenth, two of those athletes tested positive for corona virus during the first phase of the Athletic Department's plan to bring athletes back on campus there now, self isolated and the uw athletics infection response team is monitoring their recovery. You'd to release the information in a statement yesterday, but did not identify these student athletes, nor will they of others test positive. UW official told the Wisconsin State Journal there is not a predetermined number of positive tests that were required the badgers to halt workouts like Houston and Kansas. Kansas state have done an Clemson. lsu Texas had more than two dozen positive tests, but they have continued workouts also Ryan Blaney. Edge, Ricky stenhouse junior by seven one thousands of a second wind, the rain rain-delayed Nascar, Cup series race at Talladega. Prior to the start of the race, drivers in their crews helped push bubble Wallace's car to the front of the field and a show of solidarity renounce cars loan full-time flag driver gesture came one day after a news was found in Wallace's garage stall, Wallace briefly took the lead late in the race, and and finished fourteenth. He told Fox. He's proud of how NASCAR has responded lately. Video that happened yesterday. Sorry Mass, but I wanted to show whoever it was takeaway. And Keep on going sadly another news, this one made of twine was found hanging from a tree at cinema raceway in California yesterday officials, there are investigating and I know you were talking about the auditor Kubo brothers. Nick's received permission to interview, Lakers assistant and former bucks coach Jason Kidd for their head, coaching job. All aren't well good for Jay Kid. Pose gotta to talk to you. Thank you, brother Hey to. Tell it up. What's trending brought to you by best electric Josh what you got? Well a sports play by play. Broadcaster gotten a little bit of trouble plus we'll. We'll be able to play one of our famous day Davis, was it? It was not thank God. I will be able to play one of our favorite games. What's in that man's colon? Oh, fantastic can't wait. What's trending next right here? On the Steve? Zaven show..

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