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Jamie Maggio is joining me. We have James Harrison of the Steelers and fifteen minutes. He is going to get all riled up, Pittsburgh loses. Tonight's going to think it's going to be a high-scoring Steelers defense right now is a bit of a mess and Tampa. Actually they're hard to run on, so it will force the Steelers to go to the air. And I think it'll be a wildly entertaining Monday night football game. The games were great. Yesterday we've had these one o'clock windows that have been. Fantastic in the NFL you know, it used to be the good Sunday night game was big. The FOX lake gain the CBS late game. The one o'clock windows have been wild. The ratings are up again yesterday, so and with that every Monday at this time where Colin was right, where Colin was wrong. There's plenty of both. So an hour number two to start off here we go where Colin was right. Had a great weekend on blazing five. The blazing five was four and one and I went with upsets. I went for the ugly, New York Giants over the Texans. We got it. I went for Washington shocking, Green Bay upset. We got it. I also had the better of the year last week, a thousand dollar bet on Cleveland and Baker Mayfield that didn't know if Baker would play. So overall, we were five and one of their on our bets. We've had three straight winning weeks and I've already looked at the odds for next week and. Baker Baker touchdown maker very tasty, Cleveland Brown line out there. We'll talk about that more tomorrow on the show where Colin was raw, Josh Allen bills, quarterback. I said of all the guys in the current draft of the five quarterbacks. I thought he had the highest bus potential accuracy issues didn't play against great competition. I gotta tell you give buffalo coaches credit.

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