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Privately. Kill yourself when you kind of Position yourself to be And empathetic person person who speaks for what's right and what's just Makes you look a little bit like an Ellen. Too. Generous level hypocrite, right? Ah, yeah. I mean, to say the least, that I'm looking at the you know, she she put out some public. I mean, because that's the thing, too. When this popped up a few days ago, we were saying Is this real? Did this really happen? But I mean, she's owning it, and she's apologizing for it. I've tried to connect with Courtney privately. But since I publicly fueled off this I want to publicly apologize. I'm so sorry, Courtney. I hope you can heal now. Knowing how deeply sorry I am. That's an interesting I mean, I commend her for for apologizing now and I guess doing it publicly, But I don't know what else like. I don't know what else Christie Teegan could do. Write short of not not saying in the first place. I have no idea what else this girl could do. Right? And this is another In my opinion, an example of not somebody apologizing for the act that actually happened, but now apologizing because it's been made public. You know if this if this doesn't become a thing, I don't know that Christie Teagan is losing sleep or popping up tomorrow. Offer a apology to this girl. You know if if she wasn't You know, being made a spectacle out of Yeah, it's not sorry I did this. It's sorry. Now I'm publicly being flogged for this. And if I'm not mistaken, Chrissy Teegan was one of those very vociferously anti trump. Oh, yeah Voices on Twitter who was saying what a horrible person he Woz and how bad he was, and I'm not saying any of that's true or untrue. But you kind of lose a little bit of high ground when you yourself know that you told a teenage girl to kill herself. What And honestly, I think you can. You can kind of figure out what person Chrissy what kind of person Chrissy Teagan is like, in the sense of anybody who is who publicly feels the need to release a statement about how they're stepping away from social media. I think I think that says about lot about somebody on the first. Hand and then, secondly, to just blatantly not actually do what you said you were going to do. I mean, the way that that looks from an optics perspective, it just makes you look like an attention whore. It does, And that's why a lot of people are on social media, perhaps even present company included because we liked the attention that you know we're there to get clicks were there for interaction and we're there for likes. But This was lousy and I just I don't know You're not going to get blood from Christy Teeg and over this, so then Others and apologizing publicly and trying to reach out To them. Privately, I'd like to apologize if I used the wrong gender pronouns was that is this Julian Courtney Stodden identifies as non binary. Really? I think I learned that in researching the story, and I tried to be respective of all pronouns. I'm learning a lot from Taylor Mason Ways that civilians, John, I'm almost positive. That's what I'm not gonna look it up. I'm almost positive that Courtney start and identifies as non buying on s. So therefore they would be the correct pro down there. Is that right? Yeah, right. Well, what? Yeah. 7275791025 and 807 711025. I know we've thrown a lot at you, but you can you can pick from all of those. And, uh And if you've got a good phone call this segment and you get 50 bucks from P D Q. To spend as you wish you could buy lunch for the office dinner from your family, or what have you by weighing in on mistresses, sex addict, Nation or Don't we want to call it a feud? As much as it is? See, I was saying this to Holly this morning. People just don't like hypocrisy like you. You could be a troll and you're going to get called to the carpet. For saying mean things that somebody privately or publicly, but it's when you position yourself as a social justice warrior or in the case of Ellen, too generous. When you have this nice guy, Nice person image and you try to come off like this fun, Nice person. And then it's revealed that your workplace is toxic. Your employees can't stand working for you. And now, after 18 years of doing your show, you're losing your show because no one was willing to stand up for you publicly and say she's not that bad. Well, it's interesting too, because I guess I guess Stodden has as kind of clock clap back. All of me wants to believe this is a sincere apology. But it feels like a public attempt to save her partnerships with Target and other brands, who are realizing her woke nous is a broken record. She's right. Chrissy Teegan. Is one of the wo cas presences on social media. And if you're gonna be that woke, which I don't recommend, but you, do you Then you should be prepared. Once you step in it to have people be very unforgiving. Well, that's the thing. It's it's you know, and and and maybe there's comfort in that. But if you want to set the woke line or draw the woke line in the sand, you probably are going to have to be held to the same standards like if you're if you're somebody who was preaching that message, constantly, you know, find out all hard it is to abide by that. When now, you know, she's the face of the issue. And but that To me, That's not it's the same thing is when you say when we're talking about somebody in a race issue, and you go Oh, there canceled because they said the n word they did something inherently racist. That's not being canceled. You just suck like to me. You telling somebody to kill themselves privately like that was never protected like nobody, No matter how long ago was saying how that's cool, that's funny. Like you just did something that sucked and you got called for it. So too even kind of put it in the cancel culture category to me feels a little off because I don't know who were win. This would have ever been okay for and it's gross that Courtney stun and got a lot of the The brunt of the abuse online and in in social media, because The 51 year old man, Doug Hutchinson, who groomed her at 16. Married her at 16 and was allegedly mentally and emotionally abusive. She shouldn't be blamed for any of that. You know what I mean? She was 16. Yeah, I think it's just one of those stories. Where in a weird way like, and I don't mean this to sound super offensive, but that's what she's known for. I mean, that story was she was the young girl who, What? What were the details that her parents have to sign a permission slip? So I mean, that was I remember when that was happening. That was a huge news story. So I mean, you are introduced to the world. As a girl who Seemingly is in love with his old man to the point where you got a permission slip for your parents to allow it. So I think when that is your major introduction to the world, you're going to have a lot of troubles trying to make a path for yourself. That is anything legitimate and it doesn't make it any easier. That Joy Behar, according to Courtney Stodden called them a slut. Courtney Love told them that they were a horror. And then Christy Teeg and publicly and privately said horrible things and told her to kill herself. 7 to 75791025 the public tweets. That she that Christy Teeg consent in 2011 and 2012. My Friday fantasy. You Dirt nap, baby. To her to her. Oh, man, Another one said, go to sleep forever. I mean, That's that's bullying a child. I'm not. I mean, take you want to take it one step past bullying. I mean, so now we've got multiple instances where you're saying you want somebody dead? But why? I mean, I mean, I mean, just as far as looking at Christie Teegan, who I think has been open with mental health and stuff that she's gone through like. Are you not borderline psycho path at that point where you can just be telling someone repeatedly to kill themselves, like what's the line between that girl who was on the phone with her boyfriend, telling him repeatedly to kill himself?.

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