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You ready to say brother in your life? First of all, I'm in TV, so I like new stuff. I don't know how we did it at Fox. That looks so real. People were freaking out on Twitter, get a life. It was unbelievable. I don't know how we did it. I thought it was fantastic. And people were like, oh, that, that is one of the most unique things I've ever seen, and I've been in this business 25 years. I don't know how we pulled it off. It's a hologram. That is incredible to me. That is absolutely. Look, you can't even see that. No. The first time I saw hologram was Coachella, I think like 6, 7 years ago, and that is shocking, but this, in such a small little. It looked real. From behind it looked real. Behind, I'm not saying that because I work at Fox. I don't know how we do that stuff. And some of you need to get a life. Because you were freaking out, I am for all new technology. Oh yeah. I mean, people don't understand this. During the pandemic, almost every game you watch, the announcer wasn't there. Yeah. And I had to be reminded of it because the announcers and the production crews were so good, I couldn't tell. And if it wouldn't have been losers on the Internet complaining about it, and I understand for certain things, like, you know, like Super Bowl you want the guy there or a big college football game. But during the pandemic, 90% of games, the announcers were not there, I could never tell. I mean, if we didn't have Twitter, I would have no idea. I would have no idea watching that. Again, if there was no social media and I didn't know that Harry Carey had passed, that looks completely real to me. So I didn't even think about that now. You could be calling a game look like you're in the booth, but you're in a studio, but they're gonna put your hologram in that booth. Call him, that could be the future. I just saved networks a lot of money. Wow. Wow. All right. Alex with the news. Well, that's the news. And thanks for stopping by. The herd lie. We're playing a game called name that backup quarterback. It's going to embarrass me. I have no idea what it is, but I'm excited. Be sure to catch live editions of the herd weekdays at noon eastern 9 a.m. Pacific. Hey, I'm Doug gottlieb, the podcast is called all ball. We usually talk all basketball all the time, but it's more about the stories about what made these people love their sport, and all the interesting interactions along the way. We talked to coaches. We talked to players. We tell you stories. You download it, you listen to it. I think you like it. Listen to all ball with Doug olive on the iHeartRadio app, Apple podcasts, or ever, you get your podcasts. The is it morning yet? Deal. How about now? Or now? Because morning time is McDonald's breakfast time. And that's the best time of all the times. Wake up with a little splash of sweetness, get any size iced coffee from caramel to hazelnut to French vanilla for just 99 cents until 11 a.m.. Price and participation may vary can not be combined with any other offer. All right, week, one of the preseason kicked off last night. We saw Malik Willis take the field. He's going to be a backup to start the year to Ryan Tannehill. That's fun. He'll be one of the more dynamic backups. Pre season action rolls on again tonight. So we're going to play a game. We do this game about once a year. And I'm terrible at it. It's called name that backup quarterback. So here we go. Okay, we're starting with the jets. The jets? Yes. Okay. Gardner minshew, Joe Flacco, Luke folk, Sam ellinger. I think Flacco is the backup for the New York Jets. Yep. Okay, so what is Joe Flacco? Yep. Pretty stunning start by there you go. For someone who says he's not good at this game. All right, next up is the bills. Sean Mannion, chase Daniel, Jacob Eason, case Keenum. Well, it was trubisky last year. You know, it's interesting, I think it's case Keenum, I think. Yeah. Two for two. Nailing it. Ryan's looking at me. He's never been prouder of me. All right, Texans are next. By the way, those were good backups because Jacob Eason is a big strong guy. That would be a perfect backup. Yeah. His ball would cut through the wind. That's actually who I would want is my back. I wouldn't want a small guy in Buffalo's weather. So whoever came up with our options very cagey. All right, we got the Texans next. Brandon Allen, Josh Rosen, Davis Webb, Kyle Allen. God, that's a tough one. They're giving the job to Davis. Hold on. We have hints, too. Give me one hint on that. Okay, started 12 games in 2019. Okay, okay, so it's Kyle Allen. Yep. Yeah. All right. Yeah. No, I mean, Kyle Allen is what you should have in the NFL. If you asked Kyle Allen to start two games, could he win one and that I think he could. So he's a capable backup. But my takeaway was Rosen's bounced around a lot. I thought maybe it was there. So I'm two and O and then I got this, but I needed a hint. Yeah. Doing good. Okay, next up we got the colts. Nick Foles, colt McCoy, David blau, innate, said feld. I swear to God Nate sudfeld to tight end, my bad, I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go with Nate sudfeld. Nick Foles. It Nate sudfeld the quarterback. Why do I think he's a tight end? Who was the Patriots tied in a couple of years ago, number 44? He was a tall lanky guy. I thought it was sudfeld. All right, Nick Foles. Okay, that's good. Yeah. Moving on to the Jags. Mike white. CJ method. Brett Huntley, Danny etling. At lings in LSU, kid, hunley, UCLA, bettered Iowa. I'm going to go Brett hundley and I don't know why. Well, he was a niners back up for years. I'm not okay. Now what am I two and two? No, I'm three and two. You get the one with the hint. One hint. So I'm three and two. Yeah, you're three and two. All right, let's move on to the Broncos. Trevor Simeon. Will Greer, Josh Johnson, Nick Mullins. Again, I don't know, I don't I'm not paying any attention to this position for Denver. I don't know why I think it's Nick Mullins. Josh Johnson. Well, Josh Johnson would have been my fourth pick. So I can tell you right now, I was not close. That would have been my fourth pick. All right. All right, three and three now. Not bad. You know what I'm like right now? I am well, that's more wins than the Giants will have through Thanksgiving. So I can't feel that bad about myself. Even 500. You're doing all right. All right, raiders is next. Jarrett, siddham, Nathan Peterman. Sean Mannion,

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