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Maybe gets a little bit repetitious and there's an element of <hes> trustees character's backstory babs backstory. That doesn't get picked up again feels like it should when you when you learn this this thing yeah exactly you feel like it's going to be important and and it doesn't really come back but these are fairly small nets i and even with the long running time the two hour forty the running time some of the characters asians and some of the developments that happened feel little rushton on c. could have watched fifteen twenty minutes of this <hes> <hes> but it's really made its really scary as well fantastic performances away through and as a worthy sequel to the first movie is better than the first movie. I'm not entirely sure but i know that we gave it five stars it. Five stars feels earned to me because it feels like an event. I was running around my brain about the last time again. We fluids horror films. Come out the the elevator horror genre of the less years likes if the witch and it follows and even licko greta nina's but they're niche films for niche audience then you have the the james bond movies you have the likes of the country in insidious films which <music> are more commercially minded and more successful but this film feels like an offender and it feels like it was it had to pay off something and there was a great deal of expectation around this film and a great deal writing on it and for me this by and large delivers on and is an event film in the horror genre look. I really can't remember the last time we had something like this is going to be huge us. Maybe yeah maybe so yeah maybe us and ourselves you did really really well the box office <hes> but this being a sequel i dunno maybe feels slightly different so <hes> yeah i think it's terrific and <hes> and five stars we have a five star taking five stars for pennywise and ate how exciting there's another film at this week which gave four stars to it is a french movie the shiny shrimps shrimps <hes> which is about a french champion who makes a homophobic remark on t._v. and add to make amends he is forced to coach the shiny shrimps which isn't as an amateur gay water polo team and this is inferior says a warm inclusive hug of a movie wins you over with infectious exuberance and huge heart sounds it sounds really really funny and four stars for the shiny shrimps and we also get four stars this week to arrojo the argentinian drama from the director benjamin nation tattoo and this is dario granite e as a high-flying lawyer who <hes> have to around a little bit but commits a crime shall we say <hes> <hes> and this is in the argentina at the nineteen seventies when the was on his way to be an established as a military junta and people were being disappeared <hes> and it's movie about guilt and loss and repression and repression of guilt and enfolds colombo s detective that i liked quite a lot as well <hes>. I thought it was really really directed. Well acted acted as well. The imagery was lovely three. Well put together <hes>. It's very very spare for free sparse drama thriller. I would say definitely a drama but well worth your time. If you can find it is in many cinemas around the country this week <hes> saddam check it out or rojo but also the film of the week then we'd be it chapter to all right that is it for this n._p._r. Podcast which is the last in-studio and purple gas for a while because as we said we're going on the road all very very exciting. The knicks as we show won't be out on friday because record it and saturday. It'll be out on sunday. The fifteenth of september we'll get it turned around for then and we'll be joined joined by not telling but good people good people very fine. People in both sides do check do come and get tickets to come see us is an after that the podcast referred by normal schedule every live show after lettuce on thursday night so we'll be having the has would be out on fridays all right so it is it until then until the specification until we meet again..

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