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The Saint. Louis cardinals is seeing all the different events that they have throughout the season and throughout the off season one of those is the fantasy camp and if you follow me on twitter you saw our recent Pictures and videos from fantasy camp in the exclusive experience it so many fans get and I thought it'd be a great opportunity fortuity to bring in Joe Pfeiffer who runs fantasy camp runs our lawn alumni to talk about How you can get involved with this but also what the experience is like? We're coming to you from the Lou Fuse Hughes Automotive Studios on scoops. Danny MAC DOT COM and Joe. It's always a pleasure to visit with you. Thanks Dan appreciate it. You Bet Tell people about a fantasy camp so they sign up. What is it? What is fantasy camp? Oh Gosh a fantasy were could just come in off of it. A fantasy camps the best experiential opportunity to the cardinals can offer and I'm bias but I think we do the best one in baseball We just came off a camp where we had one hundred forty people come to camp either as a camper which a camper hamper means. You're playing and camp. You're playing seven games. You have your own uniforms your own locker at Roger Dean Stadium and we had bench coaches as well so folks that. Maybe don't WanNa play but one of experience everything else so imagine being Ozzie. Smith Bench coach David EXE bench coach for an entire week. So it's our disneyworld world experience and I think we better than anybody in baseball at thirty nine alumni including seven cardinals hall of famers the scam and that included Larry Walker after he gets the announcement announcement. Forty eight hours before that to to show up at the fantasy. COOPERSTOWN is in from New York in comes right to our opening banquet on Thursday night. He's amazing that's incredible. And you you play with these guys. I mean some of them ages can't beat age. I I've I'm figuring that out. We can't beat age but some of these guys getting uniform and they're playing with you side by side. They they are. There's twenty of them playing side by side. So you know Adrian Chambers First Camp From our two thousand eleven team Lance Berkman first camp from our eleven team Ozzie Smith this. Managing David EXE Stein's managing Ted Simmons who's going into the hall of fame and Cooperstown on July twenty six with Larry managing a team. So you're playing with against against cardinals. You've got to cardinals on your team down in Jupiter. You have another cardinal managing you so that's thirty guys right there at of our alumni base to feel ten teams in addition Daddy's got bruce suitor and Whitey Herzog and Ozzie Smith and Ricky Horton doesn't amazing job is our commissioner David Lapointe and you can't have a camp without Dave appoint his entertainment valued it a lot. Though I know Yeah Yeah No. He doesn't he gets cheered quite odd John. CASTELLO GETS BOOED A lot. Yeah that's worthy area. We don't do anything on our alumni society without Scott Terry. He is the best what he does in the business. We have such a long history with the Saint Louis Cardinals in it. It it It would be shame if we didn't recognize those alumni and keep them involved alden. I know you've done that and really made that a big purpose of what you do. Yeah I think we're one of the few clubs in Alabama actually have a sponsorship for alumni so heartland coca cola three years ago teamed up with us to sponsor our all of our alumni program in our unions are alumni weekend all of our fantasy camps in the one thing I told them as successful as we are on an annual basis aces on the field. The one thing that never goes into a slump is our tradition. We have ninety-nine l.. Tenets we have eleven world championships. We have a number of cardinals in Cooperstown Hall of famers. That never goes into a slump. Why not align with what we do best you find that the alumni? Maybe you want to do this. More than the campers don't you. It's their big reunion every January. Yeah it's hard for me. I hear from other alumni folks fantasy camp folks around the league. It's hard to get guys to do their camp. I have the exact opposite problem I have to just say no at times. And say hey we gotta gotta rotate guys in getting you guys involved in the beautiful thing is we're doing three camps in twenty twenty so it's GonNa present an opportunity for a lot of different alumni alumni begin involved in its fantasy camps at cardinals dot com fantasy camp at Cardinals Damascene Catholic cardinals dot com. Any information you need you can email and when you sign up so let's go back to that. You're going to get a cardinal uniform. You're going to be in the clubhouse where the cardinals are getting dressed getting ready to play where they hang out all those things take me inside. What a camp is really really all about boy start to finish it's You know you go into it. especially as a new camper thinking is about playing baseball and that becomes just a part of it The Camaraderie the engagement for all of our from all of our alumni all of our alumni. No if they participate in one of our camps our main objective is that they engage our campers the high level. So it's my job to select alumni that I know are going to do that are willing to do that. So lifelong friendships have been built out of this with former cardinals. Awesome new campers business partnerships have been built out of this relationship. So start to finish your uniform in your Locker Room at Roger Dean Stadium for the Jupiter Camp to uniforms you're you're going to be drafted on a roster as Dave appoint and Ricky Horton always say yes we are going to draft. You even don't WanNa draft you and and you go through a workout. You'RE GONNA play six regular season games down in Jupiter you and you're GONNA play a playoff game. Guaranteed are championship game. We call it our world series winner and loser gets rings just like the winner and loser of a world series ring but the winner gets the bigger rain in the champagne. Celebration of the DECAMP and John Tudor's team just experience you're into that with Bowen. Woody Williams just a couple of weeks ago and our goal is to provide an authentic experience an authentic major league experience and I think we do that really. Yeah well especially with WHO who we have there and women are part of this too. I think that's something that we need to address it because I I did a lot of people say well. I played baseball in high school or College. I'm not good anymore. Maybe I'll be able to do it. And they they do it but at this camp there are men and women and there are people that are advanced danced age. I don't want to say that they're old. I'd say advanced age but all types of people are coming down to fantasy camp. Bill Kersey eighty five years old from New Jersey. We Call Him Jersey Kersey Kersey. He was in our Camp John. ANAGNOSTI WHO's eighty seven years old will be at our cooperstown camp up at Doubleday field. June John Actually played on w field in the semifinals. In High School game in the forties and is planning doubleday field again is a cardinal's fan escaper. So our median age usually falls in right around fifty eighty two for camp. You have to be twenty seven or older to play in our camp but women We have four women at this camp which was awesome. Most we've had in a camp and they engaged aged in a high level and it was awesome experience that I'm I'm hoping down the road that we even get to a point where we have an all female opportunity with camps. The Red Sox do that really well. Oh and and maybe we'll get to that point point and the these sellout so we need to make sure that people understand. They'RE GONNA sell out very very quickly. You have just finished up the Jupiter Camp Yep and we have a new one coming up and I say new one. It's the next one cooperstown June twenty fifth through the twenty eighth. I've been fantasy camp. I think it's amazing but I if I could go to cooperstown astounded where I really loved to go joked about that you need to take that serious cooperstown. It is so unique It's the home of baseball and to play a doubleday today. Field is just so awesome. I mean you're planning a venue. That's one hundred years old where Babe Ruth played in the greats of the Games of experienced the game on that field and you're on Main Street in the hall of fame is right down the street so you have a family membership. That's included for the National Baseball Hall of fame so we only have four teams in that camp. It's a fourteen round robin within. But I know during the time for the other two teams. I don't worry about them because they get to go. Hang out at the hall of fame which is incredible in Ozzy's the face of this camp so as he's on on the Board of the National Baseball Hall of fame we talked about this concept three or four years ago. And so we gotta do. We're going to cardinals. Camp it cooperstown. How awesome would that be? No other team in baseball. Is doing this and so one of our dinner events is actually in the plaque gallery in every camper will have an opportunity to get their photo taken with ozzy a plaque. That just doesn't happen. That doesn't have on induction weekend. That just never happens. So we provide that unique experience. You'RE GONNA play four games a doubleday field. There's going to be a special dinner at ended the historic Farmers Museum in Cooperstown. Not The easiest place to get to. I know that you've got to fly into Albany Syracuse and drive over but if you haven't experienced cooperstown town there's not a better way other than induction weekend if one of your guys is going in which we've got Walker and Simmons's here which is going to be amazing July but this experience is really unique. Brian Jordan who does all of our camps whenever he's available says this is his favorite one. I bet what other famous if and other hall of famers will be there for this. We've got cardinals hall of Famer soon. Ozzy's the face of it from a National Baseball Hall of fame perspective. But we've got to Cardinal Hall of Famers in Ray Lankford Jason Isringhausen seal. Either play with ray or in. Jason are against them in this camp and how about other names. It'll be involved whether guys that are playing or Brian Jordan Rick and Keel so you got four heavy hitters with Jordan and Keel Isringhausen Applying in this camp and then your managers. Somebody's GonNa get Lucky and have ozzy is their manager. He's one of our managers our bosque. WHO's a club? Ambassador is going to be one of our managers along with two two guys from the championship team to rookies at that time. Dave appointing John Stupor to the funniest guys you're ever going to meet are going to be our other to manage. Is He. Was My idol growing up so being around him. He's never ever disappointed. You know. Sometimes you had an idol. In the end they meet him for real. And you're like Oh man that that was not good. Ozzy is never disappointed. He has surpassed whatever thought. It'd be like tell me what Ozzie is like at this camp. What he personally like Ozzy's incredible and I'm with you on the same page? You're my hero. They tend to disappoint. He doesn't and Ozzy you know. When he started doing camps down in Jupiter he came to John wanted to do more? I just don't want to play a hall of fame rolling kind of Rove. He's like I want to be more engaged so once we started putting him in the manager role. It's been awesome. And it's been amazing for Campers. I've Ozzie Smith is my manager for for all these Games and I'm hanging out with him and if you're as bench coach you're making decisions on the bench with Ozzie Smith. And he's he's the best so down to Earth he embraces. History like Cooperstown is really important to him the fact that he's on the Board of the National Baseball Hall of fame. The cardinals are incredibly important to him but he engages every fan in every tampered a level. Where you feel like you've been? His lifelong friend is just really unique that he had the how he does that. And again the Cooperstown Camp Is June twenty fifth through the twenty the eighth so someone is listening to this now. The racing to a computer at fantasy camp cardinals dot com. They sign up. What are they going to get? They're going to get to uniforms arms so if there are new camper you're going to get the home ivory are alternate your Saturday Jersey and our road. Grace Authentic New Nike uniforms. Nike's Nike's new this year with Major League baseball so our deadline is incredibly tight. Tighter than we thought it would be actually we. We need to have this done in registered by February twenty fourth fourth which is just a few weeks away. So you're GONNA get your to uniforms..

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