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I pay my respects to them and their cultures and to elders both past present and emerging of the land I am standing on today. I. Extend my respect to the aboriginal and Torres Strait on people who listen to this. I. Wonder what you thought of mock Yeti called Poulsen. In the previous volume, it has got to be my favorite conversation. Also makes me feel a bit more Australian. If that means anything specifically I'm. Not. Sure. But I realized more and more voices need to be spoken and messages beat to be heard for movements to be created and made sustainable. Taking care of the operating system and the programs that are running in the background is super. Important. And no one could be more well placed than my next guest. He is a serial entrepreneur someone who has been refining his work and message for decades. He is a very accomplished speaker author and influence a WHO. Has Technically died three times. His name. How elrod? I mean, professionally I think author and keynote speaker I. Think those are the two main things that I that I do and if you you can measure that in a few ways one, how much time do I invest in in each of those right in terms of the work that I do that most of my time. Of. My. Work that I've done. What's made the biggest impact for people and arguably it's my books in my my my message is my speeches. and. Then also, what do I enjoy most? and that's actually speaking more than writing writing's kind of pain but Yeah. So those are the I. would say professionally I'm an author and a speaker for the most part and then but more than anything. I, realized more and more every day that I'm a dad and that is my highest priority a husband. But you know I don't get paid for those. In fact, those me a lot of money. Today, we go inside the mind off a creator who used affirmations to cure himself from a very rare aggressive form of cancer acute lymphoblastic leukemia with has attend to thirty percent survival rate. Amongst other things. The things we say to ourselves is Kinda key to our. System and what land up doing in life. Finally the three year old, who is definitely America's strong. It's the moment moving. So many the simple walk to school the three road named Aon, wearing his backpack and remembering the words, his mother taught him at just to what he says to himself over and over again. I'm slept. I. Am Dress. Kim. Island smoking. So do. Blessed I. Just like what we believe about ourselves, and if you haven't considered this going into this volume I'd like you to consider. What is your shed knowledge? Like, what is common sense for you? and. WHO Better to explain shed not than a first nation elbow from volume thirty, eight This is Mark Yeti Poulsen. It's like, so when you look at any. At his growing up. You know their childhood informs their identity and resilience knowledge sector of the why they move in the wild and live in the world. So, we can't look at as strenuous. Who are just it was never. It was never brought in front of it was never part of my schooling. It was Never Panama Circle of friends conversation except what we picked up around the edges in peripheral vision. Through news snippets, Ol-, usually stereotypes that that may not be shining brightly are on our relationship. And not enough knowledge then becomes shared knowledge jointly understood knowledge. So in a way out history is not our common sense. Right so What we think of ourselves, and what we say to ourselves is important. That is key. How has had the most amazing impact on my life seven years ago about a half, a million dollars in debt. I was looking for anything that would change situation. I was in. During that time, one of the most influential books and concepts that made me start waking up early in the morning is the concept of the miracle morning. It is a practice that I do to this day. And it is well how the miracle morning practice, which is made up of these six practices known by the acronym. S. E R s the sabres. That's how I'm able to do that in the morning and set myself up with the right mindset to go throughout the day and even have a bad day. It's like instead of having one bad day flow into another bad day flow into another day and kind of have a downward spiral. The miracle morning allows me to hit the reset button every every day. Right. Really every night before bed because instead of going to bed word on my problems and looking forward to face him in the morning I, know that I. I get to wake up and I get to put myself in a peak physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state utilizing that miracle morning practice, and so for me, the savers which, Freeman. That's not familiar. The SS for silence, that's your meditation and or your airtime. The A is for affirmations which are kind of have a bad rap, the way they've been taught. taught a lot of self help gurus. They're not goofy like you don't just pump yourself up and SAM amazing. They're articulating your highest commitments and clarifying the behaviors and the actions that will ensure that you achieve those commitments so that you're very present to them every single day, the visas for visualization and visualization is where for me, it's about creating a peak. Peak emotional state youths through seeing yourself executing your highest priorities in that peak state, you kind of a role playing rehearsing if you will what it would feel like to follow to live the perfect day, if you will to execute all of your priorities, all your commitments and do so with a smile with confidence, right with you know in that peak state. The exercise and it's just putting even if it's five minutes in the morning, just getting your body getting blood and oxygen flow into your brain. So you think clear you feel better. You have more energy the RS for reading, right anything that you need to improve any area of your life and the final ss for scribes, which is a fancy word for writing or journaling. Right. So those are the six practices that make up. Up The miracle morning and you can do most people do in one hour on, you can totally customizable can thirty minute version lockwood with thirty minutes. You can reorganize how you do them. But here's the point with gap focus. The idea that we have. This creates this negative emotional state where it hurts our confidence. It hurts our self esteem because we're focusing on the gap between where we are and where we can be. Mourning rituals, a really common routine for many successful entrepreneurs according to an article posted enfolds Richard Branson claims that he gets up at five. AM every day. No matter where he is because it gives them a head start from the rest of the world. You know miracles happen all the time and Kelsey Ramsden from volume seven. 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