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Both hours today. Let's give the scoreboard up here. Let's talk. Let's get the NBA because yet. In the NBA games today. Let's I don't want the games tonight. I mean, the games game been played the Sixers just got by the nets one twelve to one eight in Brooklyn. Brooklyn the first game tickets now, I think are up two games to one. Yes. They are. That's free games. The one now. Oh, this was game for game four, okay. Says two games to one up here. And I got I got a well. No, they don't have to say that tell the truth. Say anything just let them on. I thought it was two to one to one going in. That's what it was. And. And your star. Did I did already plus eighteen sixteen rebounds? Leading thirty two points. I'm sorry. Thirty two minutes. Thirty one points plus eighteen. Sixteen. There's a player, sixteen rebounds, seven assists, six blocks. Unlike Griffin, there's a all around player six blocks, sixteen rebounds and thirty one points. And seven assists and two steals. Turnovers find that's not good. But. Billy hung on to beat them. And let's go to the baseball scoreboard now. Tune of course, you know, the pistons are playing playing tonight and that'll be a. Well, that'll be the NHL Dallas leads national. New leads Nashville six three was seven eight left in third quarter. The general general manager over there. Jim nill has done a good job in dall- slow start for two or three years. He didn't do anything but bounce back. This year's had a good year that ties series too. And now they go back to Dallas. No, they play they play one more. And why in Nashville? Yeah, they go the Dallas for games sex. So Dallas right now is looking at a free to lead on. On. So. National win this game playing at home. I had them as my pick to win the Stanley Cup earlier in the year two looks like I'm going to be wrong on that. That's baseball scoreboard showing say that's been the thing about the Stanley Cup playoffs. They've had a lot of upsets the four game sweeps and all that Tampa getting swept I couldn't believe couldn't believe Pittsburgh either. A lot of surprises. Let's go to baseball. It's all right. The cardinals Tigers rained down. Of course, you heard me say earlier and cardinals beat the Mets tend to to today, you know, the leading ten and two in the of seventh. The diamond the comes around a little bit of a role for but not today the Diamondbacks lead. No they did. It is. It's over now. Diamondbacks. Beat the cubs in Chicago, six nothing. All right. Keep going down. And the twins. In the bottom of the fourth or trailing Yorio three to two. I still sing the twins a little something. But I still see the twins. Winning the division over Cleveland. The giants and the top of the second in Pittsburgh trailed three two one two the pirates. In the Blue Jays. All over the ethnic six nothing in the top of the second Wu and the Braves and Indians are tied at two in Cleveland and the bottom of the fourth. And the royals lost the keys nine to to the Yankees are. A little bit of a role is that it or we got more. Okay. And the other thing else tonight. Okay. Folks. We're open line would love to hear from you on sports talk this number eight hundred nine.

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