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The fastest growing game show in the world we welcome jerry to klbj hello jerry welcome you're on the air go ahead jerry how are you today on great where are you calling from today jerry garay from beautiful sunny central office central austin where it's always sunny and it's hotter than a depot now jerry did you have a good for the july ceremony yesterday good good good holiday fingertips hatch good point arena about some poor guy up and maryland jerry did you read about that he had one of those eighty deals and threw it in this tube the wrong way and blew up both of his hands just terrible jerry you're going to be playing for twenty five dollar gift card and you'll be playing against jeff ward jerry would you say hello to jeff right now jeff and jeff would you say to our friend jerry are contested for this day after the fourth of july pop quiz it's jerry on the line way jerry all right time for the pop quiz jerry here is your first question jerry this stormy daniels associate says he may run for the president what associate of porn star stormy daniels says hey i may run for the united states who was at gerry i have to go with stormies journey you're exactly right winner got the dumbest thing this guy i think jeff just wants to keep his name out there and he says dumb things like this just dumb things like this win hell heck no he wouldn't win of course he said the same thing about trump and well look what happened he's he's he's good on he's good on tv yeah he's really clear i don't know why you'd want to do this i don't either well i know i know no why not i think there are many others iconic questioned some of his tactics in this stormy daniels so i think he's the male version of gloria allred yeah could be could be the man i don't know if you've maybe he does litigation just now to me is position is the male gloria allred your purpose is to get airtime and he does he doesn't he did again all right jeff here's your question jeff there is a new broadway bound about the life of this female singer she's won an emmy a grammy and oscar and one of my favorites one of my favorites has got gotta be soft i dunno she's got some hard song about any about indians she wrote she sorry about indians vivians she's written songs about people who are running from the law yeah yeah and she's written some love songs that i really did give me name name give me a love song that you really like here's going to be really cheesy but go ahead i got you babe it's got you babe she used to be married to greg oh man let's share that is share you're exactly right johny share this afternoon man now jerry you like share don't you i was just confused i thought that was a little bit of sonny and cher but that was just you it was just me that would use mason i got you babe as she wrote about gypsies tramps and and then that indian song i was talking about cherokee people would that be what year would that be jerry no time to die maybe early seventies seventy one seventy one yeah okay all right very good job jeff very keep it update jerry on a serious note this world famous carmaker says he'd like to help get the twelve boys in their coach out of that cave and thailand what worldfamous carmaker very high profile carmaker he's in rockets we'll go with mr tesla tesla car may you have a tesla carmakers named you know he's name on how yeah yeah there's gotta be a better way very generous of elon musk sawyer's gotta be a better way than having those guys to the mountain gotta be better way man you can't swim out of there and pump the water out see that's the deal they accidentally pump some water in did you read that did not read that not funny but they accidentally pump water pump enough water out i know it's a long way so maybe that's the issue but if you could just get it to drop enough so their heads above water right it's this this is the worst story man just when you thought he was getting better the more you learn the war terrifying again yeah very very sad very sad it's elaine miners made it out they did but these are adults teacher dj.

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