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Like we used to do this thing in middle school. What was it called? It was called like fuck. Matt no mystery mystery meal. All of us would take something. I'm interested. Clout? So all of us would take stuff from our firm our lunches, and we mash it on one fray or like with this is going you couldn't really tell her. It was like this whole mix. And then this one girl would eat it. So this is King's Cup pretty much for For those. you can scope is. And it's crazy because man was kind of cute. I don't know why she was doing this shit for the cloud. Oh my God. Well, you know here. I am twenty years later we were talking about. Yeah. You know, you're promoting cashing your platform child. Hope you're proud. She's a mother she. She won. Yeah. So I I hate when they're like oh teens now stupid show and just like no same old shit. It's just the internet. It's just the fucking different friends. It it summer camp. We had a guy 'cause we were like the gallon challenge. Have you heard of that? Yeah. So impressed that you went to summer camp. Keep going I was a counselor making that money to get paid. We told another counselor that like about the gallon challenge. And we're like the body physically cannot take like a gallon of milk. And I think it's under an hour. And he was like I can I will like all right. Do you like if you if you do it just like RJ butter fucking pay for it? And like we'll just we'll sit in the kitchen when camp is over with. And like sure enough all the counselors came around the staff kitchen, and we put a fucking can in the middle of the room and a gallon of milk and he herald for like an hour and a half. It was not pretty. Yeah. And. That's I really want to follow up videos for the show on challenges of them throwing onto the doctor and leaning. Why why they have come out? Waxed? Paper lodged in there. Fucking windpipe. Like, I'm not mad at the kids. The kids you dumb shit like, you know, learn right. But yet the videos of adults doing the shell on challenge out Sasso. I saw an adult woman just bite into a stick of butter and just eat the wax paper and everything and it was like, Hugh who are like you're an adult bills. Like you did that. And then when Peter electrical tax is wrong with you teases Christ, you know, better than Oh, that. my God do for the cloud. Oh my God. Speaking of shit, speaking of shit. There's this image of the bay area. Now that is so different than when I grew up. You know, like, it's this huge. We've had this huge long lasting tech boom up there. And so it's made San Francisco specifically seem like this rarefied wealthy place. Which has always been at odds with the image. I have of growing up in the bay area. I mean, I remember even just like. Probably like ten years ago going to visit my cousin, and I thought SF was fucking dirty. Yeah. You know, like now it's like I mean, there's pockets of tech. You know, there's definitely there's there's really very googly Hartson yet very affluent. But I have a story here that made it feel a lot more like home between twenty eleven and twenty eighteen San Francisco has experienced a massive increase in reported incidents of human feces found on public streets. Yikes. That's going to be a Yikes for me, man. Yeah. And so I I thought this was just like people complaining, and I'll say, oh, this is just a shitty tech children complaining about shit on the street. But it's actually the people who work for the city that are reporting the shit. So it's not just being under reported. Yes, nothing. So in twenty eleven just there was just over five thousand five hundred ports logged by the city of San Francisco's department of public works. But in eighteen the number increased to more than twenty eight thousand. Years later, it has increased nearly six fold. Yeah. And so every year it gets twice as bad as the year before. So the city now has a poop patrol that attempts to keep streets clean and focuses specifically on the tender line, which in my personal experience, the tutor loans never been clean. That's.

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