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I didn't know that very interesting to watch them. I actually wasn't schindler's list in the credits on third jew was that right but it was. It was there one or no Oh i i remember one time i audition for warren beatty us doing dick tracy. Yup and he was saying. You're terrific you just you perfect just while we everything here in show business. You're exactly what we want for this part. And then i waited awhile and my agent said oh. They're not going with you. And i said oh who they get and they said. Dustin hoffman show. It's like somewhere in the middle of night Justin ofman or gilbert godfrey. You've been green kramer versus kramer. I could see that. Yeah the only way my name and does not have bins. Name could be in the same sentence is i've seen gilbert guy. Preach acting any snow does is there. Anything brought another part. I lost i was in a mel brooks movie called lifestyle. Leslie warren right. I yeah just a homeless one. Yeah yeah they yet. They wanted i audition for that. They said you're great. Everything and the part went to billy barty. I guess survey village. Yeah it was too early for was named verne troyer. I saw like. I know you're always but like when you go and you Read in front of a mel brooks is that intimidating or you already at that point. You don't you're not worried about i. I yeah i. I used to be horrible at dacians. Oh yeah i really take it seriously and be devastated now. I just i try to have fun with it. Then then leave leave. You have any projects coming up. I yes but they're so big. I can't those that right. Why i didn't know that there are big names and me talk. Wow you continue rolling. The shark nato series that see i think that's the shark nato series. I really like doing 'cause it's like if you watch shark nato and you listen closely you can actually hear your. I q does that pay pretty good or not particularly no and but it it. It was fun because it was one of those things. You could do. you could trip and fall during the scene right and and they go up okay. Good it's like my favorite my favorite part in edward. When when georgie almost you i think tries to go through the door and hits it. Y'all cutting the guy says to him. You might wanna do again at woods like in real life. He would struggle to get through that door. let's go let's go print which was a great which is a great movie because our one of the nato site did they filmed in central park. It was supposed to be texas that it's taking place right and if you've ever been out what am i doing in texas says it is this an. Why am i am a rillo here. What's going to happen well sunday. July eighteenth seven thirty. Pm comedy connection province has been one of my my mike noses. I've been trying to tilbern on here forever. I mean you're the you're the greatest. You've lived a great life. I'm sorry that's ending soon. And i well my podcast. Jober i'd free. It's amazing colossal podcast. Every monday and for for video shoutout gilbert gilbert cameo dot com cameo dot com slash gilbert godfrey. He's going to take the final step and going to actual prostitution the appointment. Which is what. What are the rates for standing on the corner with hot pans. On surprise he started. He started the only fans. I think you could do very well. I think very well. I'll be there with like really horrible. Looking thighs. track marks in them. Because i find anymore vein all right. We'll talk thanks so much thank you. Thanks gilbert bible. See next week..

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