Wind Turbines, Kate Galbraith, Texas discussed on Business Daily - The Texan Energy Revolution


Power to remote areas some of those who had put up windmills started putting up with what were called wind chargers which are wind turbines for a house that would produce electricity so there was there was really rounding of interest kate galbraith works with the san francisco chronicle unease the cool thing of the great texas wooden rush texas is kind of a just do it state people don't mess around latest if they see and ideas something they want to build they go build it and so a lot of people are like well there's the wind it's three you don't have to mynatt oil ruled the land for many generations and it meant that texans knew all about royalties they were used to having energy sources of energy that produce money for them and then along came people wanting to quote wind turbines in and they said oh sure i mean that's not going to interfere with oil side as one person put it that's drilling above the ground texas unlike any of the other states in the low of 48 has its own electric power grid one time i was on a bus in west texas pool of people learning about wind energy in texas and i'll never forget the person who is leading the tour got up on the bus ytn said did you know that there are three energy grids in the continental united states east west and texas and the whole bus burst into tears because everyone is really nationalistic about this and everyone was really happy that texas had its own grid the dang having its own grid was means it can be a lot more agile the grude is quote unquote bouillon you reliability comb some of texas would food is it see new director.

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