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Road, westbound out near Reston Parkway exit, 12, You've got an overturned box truck that spilled some fuel resting parkway. The ramp is black Resting Parkway also closed just that ramp to exit 12. Is blocked. So you lane closures with only left lane getting by Probably there for another half hour. So at least according to authorities on scene that arrived on the accident about a half hour ago. 66 looking good at the Gainesville so far all way into Rosslyn. No worries on 95 North bound coming out of Stafford into Springfield. You would did have some earlier activity reported to be police activity. I think it cleared. 66 eastbound out near the Fairfax County Parkway that have been along the left side of the roadway. Still a quiet ride on the George Washington Parkway into Maryland. We'd had earlier broken down, Van hopefully cleared by now. This was in bad on the Clara Barton Park, way down near the clinic or turn around have been blocking the left lane had an earlier crash on Suitland Parkway Forest Hill Road. We'd had solid red lights in Rockville in 28 of Baltimore Road. The lights are malfunctioning. Police, though, had been on scene. To 70 moving in the south bound direction. After 85 coming out of Frederick, there was some accident activity in the median near mile post 28. This is down after 85, then down near the waystation ways users had reported in Clarksburg, a possible rolling work zone. Definitely sounds like our activities on the shoulder to 70 South bound before Watkins Mill Road exit 12 the broken down vehicle, according to Waze users, I believe out of the roadway that you're in good shape between the Beltway's on 95 in the B W Parkway, And for now, 4 95 remains pretty quiet. Moving between Bethesda and Oxen Hill. We had a little heavy traffic earlier on the inner loop of the Beltway, just getting out of college park on the rails. Mark Brunswick train 8 78 left point. Iraq's operating about 25 minutes behind There was a medical emergency on the train. W T O P Reporters are driven by Fitzgerald Autumn A shop It's first and save money. Choose from thousands of used cars and trucks visit fit small dot com That's the fits way. Jack Taylor w T o P. Traffic. What a cold start this morning. Let's check here with Lauren Records and greasing round through the day today, but pretty quiet with those temperatures in the mid to upper forties. We stay in the forties overnight with lots of cloud cover and then shoot to the fifties to.

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