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Nine thirty eight. We'll come back into the program specialist studios. This is no co now. I m tanner schwinn. Thanks for being with us on this friday morning. Let's see here joining us now. Up on the hotline are crp. Four by four vip guest. Hit is one. Mr miles bloom heart with the fort collins colorado one miles how are you this morning Doing great doing great looks like ninety eight degrees today. A warm one. You're going to get out. Hit some balls today or no. I don't know so. I was a complete transparency. In between the broncos calling a client. And i'm like hey you wanna go for a client meeting this afternoon. Go go go play some golf so i don't know maybe maybe miles. We have to do that all right. Let's do it eight miles. hey the korn ferry tours out of ppc colorado. So we do that too. Oh my god yeah so. I've never played. That course and i've had some buddies that are in the golf industry that have and just said it's ridiculous so the korn ferry back again and i think i talked about this a little bit yesterday but the misconception about the korn ferry tour i mean they they think just because it's not the pj these guys these guys out there the corn fair to would-be anybody in the state. I don't care what country club you belong to your best golfers gonna get beat by these guys on the korn ferry tour not even close. I've been out to at the last years and the korn ferry tour players are unbelievable. And you know you know. It's just a little bit of their game. you know. mostly. What i noticed is probably the difference between Them and the pga players comes down to everything right. It's a short game You know the mental game but the short game especially putting and but no they're remarkable ball-strikers. Of course there they get off the tee very long But now the korn. Ferry cooler is very very competitive. You know that old saying drive for show putt for dough and some of those greens out there and they're almost like concrete. I mean you just can't the ball to stop. Yeah and and it is. Yeah of course. It's an extremely long course what you would expect well being at elevation but it's gorgeous I'm going to try and go out later this afternoon to watch it and It's just a it's a great showcase for for the state of colorado and it's great that it's up here it's just a beautiful course. Well in the last couple of winters miles have gone on to do some pretty cool stuff in the pga as well. Yeah yeah i you know. I lost you that say that again. No i said either the winners of the last couple of winters of the corner to have gone on to do some some pretty cool things in the pga. Tour tour valedictorian tearing it up. He was absolutely tearing it up and No there's been some really good players on their You know You know it's it's just been such a such a good showcase and yeah i mean you know haven't heard a lot from zella taurus lately but i don't know the last you know Last for about two months. Stretch there on the tour. If not longer he was he was really doing well. Yeah there's no doubt all right miles let's talk about you. Were up in the burn scar yesterday up in over in the fort collins area and well after that big rain that we got last week. There's some water issues taking place. Yeah fortunately they didn't get you know greeley measurements of three to four inches which would have been catastrophic up there but when you get you know even an inch of rain or a half inch of rain about that burn scar area it it. It causes some some flooding and some mudslides. And when i say mudslides california mudslides right. They're smaller but They closed colorado fourteen at one point and then They've also caused some road damage. And you know when i when i went all through the burns gary and the upper buckhorn Well it's actually. The buckhorn road is is severely damaged And they're working on that but It's it's got a lot of problems and so didn't you. Were you saying that. They had the city for content to switch their water supplies. Right yeah so the city of four collins and this also impacted really too so the This water situation. The poodle river affects greeley as well. But what happens is fort. Collins takes about half of their water from tooth reservoir and half from the poodle river so when the poodle river has water quality issues with ash and sediment as it. Is you know at times now last week when we had that big rainfall The quality of that water was so bad that the city of fort collins turns off basically turns their valve off right shuts off the poodle river water. An only takes us from horse tooth reservoir so it gives them a backup They had that offer about a week and then yesterday i talked to the city and they were turning back on. The water. quality was better than they could use the river water. Give how does that impact the water levels over at horse which is such a huge tourist draw four fort collins. Yeah not not significantly you know. I talked to him about that. And you know. Here's the fortunate thing is northern water dumped as much water as they could from like up lake cranberry and grand leg in that area because they're severely impacted by the troublesome fire so they wanted to get that clean water down here right. That was that was the water from the year before. So what they did. Is they filled up like carter lake and horse to those have extremely clean water and they dumped all that water down there so that that these municipalities longer front range. What have that water. Should the poodle river water not be available because it's so dirty talking before my four. Vip guests it is miles heart out of the colorado in and we knew it was going to happen right. We knew that there was going to at some point be issues because of the sediment runoff and like you mentioned when you get that that much rain even if it is an inch or two within an hour that's going to be the issue. Yeah and fortunately this spring there's been abundant moisture up there And it's and the runoff came out really great But now we're getting into the monsoon season and that's the beck's problem area is like what happened last week where you can have some of these systems with a lot of moisture that stall out over You know the foothills in the mountains You know we've we've had our biggest floods. You don't have come in july and september so That's kind of the next worry because after being up there. Yeah there's projects going on but it's you know it's just too vast area you think of the perimeter the fire three hundred and twenty five miles. That's driving from here to grand junction and there is significant damage. I went into some areas. I hadn't been into the crystal mountain area which is south of the buckhorn is completely devastated that area around the csu mountain campus pingree park. Now those facilities were saved by the firefighters but area around there. is completely scorched.

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