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It's working out in Joe Biden's favor instead of trump's favor with him being. So like blatant on what his plan is because, yeah, we need to push electric vehicles. Tesla. Me To push solar tesla. And even listening to while you already you just you knew that was coming And Yeah and like. There's so many for example I'm GONNA I'M GONNA get on my tesla talk because wine at. What only me like I am surprised. Completely shut. So imagine future you have a roof that is, of course to protect you from the elements, but also to provide energy to your house. Yeah, I mean, that's the purpose of also the same costs of a regular roof or less. Okay. I'm not talking about having pianos. I'm talking about like literally looks like a vaguely roof. That's WHAT TESLA IT S. And feel like they're pushing us in one of the things that trump said really didn't make sense to me was the the windmills. In are you familiar with like these what they look like? Do I know what windmills look like I have no idea I would meals we learned about in school. Do they kill birds? I don't do why would it? Okay Dome I was. Maybe there's like the occasional bird this you know. -CATIONAL that will hit your window please. Come in. But. Kills. First. Off. Some care about the birds. He's even care about the environment because. Muslim. Bernard people like what are we talking about? But. His I feel like I saw this when following like this whole electricity sector solar sect, you're here. I really do think that. moving towards Solar Eagles dog again, moving towards solar is going to create a lot of jobs. Here we go setting up charging stations everywhere Yeah. I. Don't really understand the whole thing with Joe was saying about like What do you call it like? Like. Making how how. Current houses more current building stuff like that more like energy efficient. I. Really. Don't know how that would happen. Polite. Just. Putting more money into that because. They're past earnings, call the talking try to scale up and get more people that can train and be installers and stuff like that. So like. The solar energy wave that is scaling up what need more people that it's going to continue to be a thing I feel like probably the time we're dead, you're going to see a lot of people with solar roofs. I mean, yeah. It's already been becoming more of a thing the past like ten twenty years with people getting more. It saves on cost like and especially like for us as a realize is like. I'm starting to see a lot more power outages not happen just in the winter it's now. We may have a power outage warranty times outside of the the wintertime as I've noticed recently at least the last few years..

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