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Servers this joe oakland san jose the american soldiers killed the rusher probe legal team i'm anne cates the pentagon has confirmed that three us service members have been killed and one wounded after being gunned down by an afghan soldier in eastern afghanistan today so they angle rasmussen but the guardian newspaper local officials say the soldier was a member of of this special courses movement it was makes sense because there are often very those all the guys that americans are embedded with the as does advisers out in in in nagar special counsel robert muller is assembling his legal team to look into russian interference in the election many trump campaign connections to the kremlin correspondent large larger at some our current prosecutor here's with in the justice department some where there in the past but they have experienced significant experience on everything from watergate to enron former arizona congresswoman gaby gifford's dow has a us navy ship named after her the commissioning ceremony was held today and galveston texas the uss gabriel gilford's will be based in san diego i'm anne cates at a west star of the iconic 1960s tv show bad man has died of leukemia at age eighty eight of course on apollo for cam at batman reruns turbo boosted worse the global hero status long after his three original batman seasons ended indictees sixty eight forty years later the selfdeprecating woody west got a star of the hollywood walk of fame i think i have the record as the actor whose wavered the longest the gun star of this entities for bill cosby are deciding whether the canadian should take the stand in his own defense when his sexual assault trial continues next week in suburban philadelphia the prosecution rested its case yesterday after five days after calling twelve witnesses jurors have heard cosby's testimony from the accusers lawsuit about giving women wine pills.

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