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In the postseason nashville wins last night they beat back winnipeg four nothing that brings the series back for a game seven now i know what you're thinking i know what you're thinking dominant come in here and say i told you so how you like me now that was never in doubt sue ban and jim rome on the same page and there was no way nashville would lose game six in the my prediction still holds true i know you think that i'm going to say that but i'm not in the reason on that is nobody likes that guy and this is not about me the show is not about me the take is not about me this take is about philip forsberg no check that coral fill up anton forsberg now not much going government i'm going full blown four name government because he earned it last night why don't we start with this play is set the stage one nothing second period forsberg blocks his shot snaps a stick in the process races over to the bench for a new stick and then this happened in the puck is shot down the side forsberg coming off the bench horsburgh philip morris berg what he breaks his stick goes to the bench picks up a replacement comes in and scores and the predators take a to nothing lead eight sixteen to the second parades radio that is sweet guy gets a new stick from the bench not much of an angle at all he's falling down and still buries it still scores still buries it into the net and celebrates on his back degree of difficulty i'm going to say about a nine and a half that ridiculous and yet forsberg because it's forsberg he makes it look easy so so easy anybody else scoring a goal like that on the road in an elimination game and that's the highlight of a lifetime but for forsberg saving the highlight of that given night because is nice that was it was nothing compared to his second goal so let's go to the third period nashville up to nothing looking for a third to make things a.

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