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Morgan Crazy working on Reinhardt still with it. Head out far 0.1 timer, and that one said wide also would open net. Was rightly looking for what would be his first of the year and first in quite a while. To be honest with you is gonna whistle on the plate. Now the Bruins missing the net a couple times here. Screechy. He's gonna weasel his way in there and try Feed home, but it goes off a foot goes to Smith. He's going to get a couple whacks at it not able to get it and here's byork coming down the wall. John. He's just gonna lean right into him. Drop that left shoulder in and put board down. First Key leans over with the glove and makes the save Dustin time to make the stop. The Boston Bruins here in this third period, they're not holding up a tall they're continuing to put pressure on cars. He makes the first save. Does a nice job finding that pocket lunging out to his left. She probably coming in there and he was thinking he had an empty net. He was born in skating out in front of the net. Oil, hounding him all the way to the center Ice Red Line. Send him behind the goal. Casey Mills stat centers in front, but it's office stick. And Richie and coil are able to get it out of danger and sent it into the Buffalo zone. In behind the Net. Samuelson back to the line, Clifton shot has stopped by to car ski. And then there was something going on with oil on that conversation continues. I think it's asked Flynn that he's talking to. Yeah would finish somebody off over on the first side coming down on the initial rush coming into the zone, not sure who it was, but he Cleanly finished him off into the wall. Probably That's what he's coming across. Just to let him know. Continue it. There could be an issue. Good players do and you've got a role player like that Richie and kind of Richie. He is He's gonna go. He's gonna talk to guys. He's gonna make sure that things stay calm on the ice, and that's what you'd expect to see him doing that situation. Ruins fired in behind the sabers that risked aligning with eight minutes left on the clock. 52 Bruins lead Dylan cousins shy of center, He and Skinner in the exact same spot on the ice. Didn't work out for the two of them in the sabers have to find a way. Maybe it's this side, right Wing has almost chips it in back after it is Miller. Halfway up the wall cousins trying to reach around Bergeron sabers find Skinner left side. It's his way with the slot and turned it over.

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