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Know. I think I mentioned a book is Clean Heart. I talked to a couple of patients of Dr Klein. Who said something then I'm worried that there's something weird about illness where the bacteria likes the attention you get so he's like when you focus your your your intention not your intention but we've put focus on the bacteria is loves it and if you ignore it it doesn't like that. I thought that was interesting to kind of an interesting mix that you just make yourself forget. You know feeling bad. You forget that you're sick. They're taking our focus off the actual bacteria as well and <hes> whatever energetic anchors it has the body search listen up and and medicine starts I get to work more effectively and you know it's not. It's not like flipping a switch off. <hes> maybe for some patients that is but for patients took me it took months and years just tired being mad sick all the time you get to that point and <hes> anyway. That's that's that's Kinda. The bridge and I think that's important thing able to understand is <hes> you know you you get better you get better. It's not your fault if you're bitter because you have every right every right to be mad but do you know this is. The linchpin for me was okay what I analyzed it. I'm like what if I proved at one of my the doctors. I really am that sick and he was wrong. Then what will I be better. No you know what if I prove moved to my family members. I did go through a really rough time and you know I suffered and it was because does the medical system and health insurance companies were completely unsupported almost to quit being predatory. What if I proved myself right but I feel better no but that's where I went from being bitter to nobody cares or whatever it may be not nobody cares. It's not GonNa do me any good sit here and have this long list of things on pissed off about and Doubt you know have a right to be legitimate. It just doesn't matter in your healing matters in your feelings. He Ah You know to keep the stress out of your life and to create an environment for yourself where healing is possible. That's not possible be sending them. <hes> several times that so beautifully said and really what we're talking talking about. Here is how to live a good life and do this formula works not this reliably the works for every day and you you hear quite a few people who've come out the other end of really really rough cases of lyme disease. say that they're better people or that. They're grateful for the disease. They're not happy that they had they wouldn't wish it on any thing but and they say it's it's kind of weird to say being on this end and I don't want to be taken the wrong way but I'm actually grateful that had lyme disease because I'm a better person and you know for some through through the eye of the needle to make some of these these hard decisions and it will be yeah. That's the point and actually what you know that. the nuance to that it is yeah. That's that's actually that's the punchline of I went from just being feeling grateful for certain things in my life that help loosen up the disease he's but then I took a step back and thought wow you know I say this quote of this disease is like a forest fire is burning my life sound while while it was burning my life down I hated it. You know my life was burning down. The things that I loved. Were going away and and <hes> and now I realize hey you know what forest fires are actually good for a forest and they burn away the debt was and they leave room for new growth and actually actually that's what was going on so the life that I had hearts and minds. These is completely different. I enjoyed it very much as it was burning up. I hated that it was burning up but I look back on it. Now and I have a new life. That's actually better. I'm healthier than I was purchase to these and I I look back in all those things that had such strong guy to me. <hes> our had almost no value. Now you know case in point. I used to brew Beer I was very into micro brewing. All that and I don't even drink now. That was a big part of my life back. Then you know twenty years ago aw but has no values me now now. I'm helping people every day not just a few but doesn't and over the course of a year hundreds of patients and you know every every week I get emails are causing people are saying God bless you you help. Change your health change in my life. You know you're doing God's work. How often do people here that. I don't know but I never you stay or anything like that. parks and you know this is my life became more purpose driven as a result of that so I'm very thankful for it and <hes> It's kind of that whole bidder a better thing I I've heard a healers described an illness as kind of a signpost in the road where it's new information and and it's showing you that maybe the direction of your life and your lifestyle what you're eating. You know things like that. <hes> you're the illnesses the indicated that there's There's something unbalanced and something's wrong and most people don't look at it. Look at it like Oh my God what what what what have I done to deserved us or something like that and those are the two reactions you can have. You know what was me. Why got punishing me or whatever I do to deserve this. this you know who did I kill in past life or something you know to to warrant this amount of suffering or you look at like wait a minute. Maybe I'm going down the wrong path year and this is a big indicator that I need to make some changes in my life and that's that's a huge dot com aww where you know the people get better can kind of unplug and look at things more objectively. Wait a minute. You know. Maybe you know me. Eating the pizza every day. They were going to stop eating pizza every day. What happens on a stop drinking alcohol. What happened was when I remove talked to people from my life. what if I change jobs and I'm not in this environment where I'm being attacked every day and you know those those are all things that can cause illness to rage wjr and if you pull those things out of the equation he started being pushed into it a different life and that's that's was the road for me was wait a minute those things that I loved <hes> where not loving me you know or whatever you know. They weren't healthy for me anymore. They worked for a while and when all those things we've changed took you know years <hes>. I became a healthy person and everything about my life changed. used to the point where I'm I'm grateful for the entire experience and <hes> you know he would've told me that in the middle of the house in my fireplace. H would have been really hard for me to understand that really I'M GONNA. Come out of this and write a book about being grateful for six during green that sounds pretty crazy but you know the people who punched through to the other side and get through <hes> It's it's kind of a common <hes> reaction in conclusion that I like Oh. Thanks during my disease. I don't war on my my my life has put you know pretty line. I don't work anymore because it doesn't serve me anymore. I've been a whole new set of priorities I already and they're healthier and people around me notice it and <hes> helping other people and they're helping other people were starting this whole chain in reaction of gratitude and positively so great. Let's wrap this up what if we're if we're having a beer we're having a cup of tea coming in saying and I'm you know we're having on this conversation. Let's let's say that I'm really struggling with a plateau in my healing healing and I am angry angry. Anaheim stressed out and I'm heading toward depression are depressed. What would be one action that you would advise me to take to begin to shift toward gratitude for saying say all of your anger and all of your gripes and the things that the injustices that you've experienced pain it's all legitimate but the question Can you want a whole lot of that anymore. You WanNA continue proving to other people you. This is where you are and that's okay if you want to but you're going to stay there and the best way to move on by increments and taking daily steps of you know for Ah Helping you forget that you're sick and helping you go towards a healthier life knowing that this these illnesses Mrs are assigned House that there's something going on in your life fat and may not be just one thing maybe in multiple things that are causing and and and and disease and <hes> it may be wounded spirit and maybe toxic people in your life. Maybe your diet a lot of too much sugar in that kind of stuff or maybe every it may be a bundle those X. and you need to do who of inventory you know and and <hes> look at those things and how valuable they are to you. and see if you can let your life burn them away and move towards a life that is more stress free and healthy and ultimately emily <hes> of positiveness and that she can make that switch. You know any treatments that you're taking <hes> with excessive long-term on the hawks what we discussed before they've been actually against any kind of national greg has been a fascinating discussion and we have wandered far and wide over the line landscape and thank you for your time attention backing the K. really appreciate it. I'll do it.

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