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Those at it gave spawned uh frederic d'allest douglas is a pretty big online presence now l that's awesome yeah he has hear the twitter yet the always ends his comments within by the way i'm still dead ray of course by the moon a good is good follow so i have a lot of friends who and when you think can't et carolyn are you still you catholic young catholic but it's ask wednesday i know i've been a bad catholic i haven't gotten my ashes and a couple of years oh my god so i was like we i thought you said you were killed because i have catholic friends and i'm seeing pictures of them with the the ashley therefore it and i'm like yo that's how i know what's ash wednesday it's asked what happ do you say happy ash wednesday now okay i mean i just trying to make sure i it's not recognizable day but it's the beginning of a of a more solemn contaminated at a time or knows no it's not like good friday where you were you wouldn't say like heavy good friday for peace down you know really are and what what what is the appropriate thing to say on ash wednesday hell no nice ashes wine in catholic school when we had asked young my friends i always compare are ashes if he who had the better ones so it's all catholic school at humor red bear who had the better ashes because sometimes the priest would like smudge it didn't look like a cross no yeah that we know is compared with last young doesn't look like across looks like they just did a thumbprint is like we can get the put him in the fbi database yeah now we are pretty wild and catholic school die that was you're crazy so ten ninety one apparently is when the catholic church joined the ritual of the receiving ashes on the first day of lent and then became called ash wednesday huh career so what half the time yeah oh dave it's their ios dave again started i now exactly it's also national oregon downer day today on a positive note yeah i'm an organ donor you yes i am days probably not why why do the amount of why are you an organ donor who has you livers pickled dave it's been exercising.

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