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In some is it all my slyke nodded wanda that you ended up pursuing the topic create you did you know as a risk manager at a quant fund market you always been very quantitative and how you plight these games but i tell you earn m i i was always been memory quantitative i was not naturally good at the other half of the season and that came from playing focus on the quantitative guy i would him perfectly happy that i had discovered sports betting series work but before it is governed poker a probably never would have play poker and i never would really learned the other half of risks but in poker sought first you just play quantitative but right now the number you know the bob dole he's and by the way it back moses urinal poker theory books not that any of these guys could read any way by low levels udus collected money just by probability but as you get higher and higher minister it some of us were the country you realize there's a whole other love we got again and it's all done by your unconscious burton directors nothing calculated you got feel it and you got a train your unconscious brain by poker you know it's really as a powerful computer up there i'm going to say you're you're you're unconscious brain of more power over the most powerful computer malcolm jurors have trouble telling dogs from gas with still pictures and a right maybe ninety percent of the time you know you grade chase a constant visual field near extracts all kinds of things from it including once again and what's the dog and they'll be taught him how to do it.

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