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So I would talk about power ratings and updating those and making adjustments and things of that sort. One of the components to that equation is injuries, and we've got several injuries here to touch on on today's show. Oncluding a couple in the big ten. Yeah, it's one Winfield you're in your. I feel like this is a really key injury. He's really talented. He's made some great plays early in the season for Minnesota. He's out for the season with a foot injury. Minnesota's had quite a bit of injury or at least key guys injured so far. This season, I think PJ slack and on a good job with his team. I know they got blown out of the water this past weekend, but Minnesota in general, has outperformed at least my expectation for them so far this year, but I think it's gonna be hard for them to continue to do that. We losing key players like Antoine, Winfield, junior, I would say he was probably the best defense player leaving him. They hit for them. And again, this is one of those things and we're gonna talk about some skill position guys next, but this is one of those injuries that doesn't move the line, but it's one that you certainly want to factor in from a matchup standpoint. So you're not going to go out there and fade Minnesota, you know, on Sunday when the lines open up just because. You know, they don't have anti Winfield junior when it's going to be one of those things where you know when they take on a passing team, they take on a team like Purdue, for example, into an Winfield's, probably going to hurt more. I don't know if they play Rutgers and you know, cross division play if they played Rutgers probably doesn't matter as much. So it's not really a quantifiable thing for powering standpoint or from the standpoint of the betting line. But it is one of those things that in certain matchups that's a huge loss for Minnesota. And really, that's the function of a lot of injuries. Here, you know, talking about li- injuries on the offense of wine. For example, especially if you get cluster, injuries may not matter against some teams may matter a hell of a lot against other teams. Winfield is one of the guys that falls into that category. Yeah, really? Mike Weber though I take questionable for the Penn State game foot strain, or I think Dobbins is a little bit better than like Weber, but having both of them really helps this team quite a bit. You know something in and out. Everybody can stay fresh and there's a pretty big drop off behind Webber in dolphins for is obviously have talented players, but there's guys are very good. Be interesting to see if Webber ends up playing this game. Obviously, Ohio State has another big injury with both, but they're going to need only going back in this game, and I think it certainly hurts them if they don't have whatever you. Yeah, we'll talk more about this game a little bit later on in the sigma. But the one thing I would say here is I think last year I probably make a half point to maybe a point adjustment for not having Weber even though they use Dobbins a lot more, but they were running the football a lot more last year this year with the way in Haskins because they're chucking it around as much as they are you. I don't think that missing the second part of that tandem with Dobbins would be as big of a deal as it would be in previous seasons. So again, keep that in mind here, you know, as teams have changed schemes a little bit, maybe some of these injuries take on a little bit different meaning. You know, I agree with that. I make a weapon for Wyoming running back questionable for for Saturday against forty states. William is severely lacking off into weapons. Even when he's playing..

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