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But there's a chance of rain each day. Let's talk about that. Here's chief meteorologist, Dan Bruneau off a. Yeah. The joy today. Tomorrow clouds will rapidly be on the increase temperatures this morning. However are nice and cool and comfortable in the near fifty along the Red River valley to mid fifties. Elsewhere temperatures will be nice today. The humidity levels will continue to drop as the afternoon wears on as high temperatures will reach around seventy on average. But clouds are rapidly going to increase overnight tonight will drop into the mid to upper fifties. And some of the new data. I'm looking at a showing a disturbance costs in the area between six AM at about noon tomorrow, bringing a chance of showers into the area. Now, some of this will evaporate before it reaches the ground, but don't be surprised as a few showers Dr windshield during the morning hours tomorrow, then a break in the afternoon. Still going to be pretty cool out there sixty. Five to seventy year afternoon, high as we head into Saturday clouds will thicken up again, more rain will start to move in through the day. Some of it could be heavy at times, especially north in the McKinney attended Decatur line depends on the track of the disturbance plan for more rain on Saturday. High temperatures will range anywhere from the mid sixties north to the mid seventy south of the Dallas fort there. And then more rain on Sunday towards the evening and into Monday, and we'll turn much colder. A Sunday temperatures going gonna be falling through the fifties by evening, and we may not get about fifty degrees. If what I'm looking at is correct on Monday with on and off showers, maybe a rumble of thunder. So we go from summer like temperatures to almost winter like as we head towards the end of the weekend in early next week right now fifty five degrees here at KIRO..

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