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A compact between god and the people as part of that government arises and liberty is something that comes from the government itself. The takeaway from all of this is that will well. It is tempting to try and make winthrop into some pro republican. He just isn't winthrop believed in a system that was top heavy power flow down from god through through the government and then eventually reached the individual god was the sovereign all power originated with him in idea like the people being the sovereign would have been ludicrous to winthrop so when looking at winthrop it is important to always keep in mind what he was and what he wasn't as much watches we want to shoehorn winthrop into enlightened voice. Preaching democracy winthrop wasn't that and shouldn't be seen as such winthrop's policies are rooted in the bible able not in the enlightenment for when throughout the chief argument against him over the years. We'll continue to be his relative leniency. The argument which began again with thomas dudley would continue as a running narrative through the later part of the sixteenth thirties despite the ongoing controversy winter would become governor again in the later half of the sixteenth thirties when throughput alternately forced and says the governor of massachusetts for a total of twelve years when ups chief concern remained the risk of separatism well certainly believed in reforming the church he would remain a staunch anti-separatists for the remainder of his life. This would often lead to tension between the the more separatist leaning members of the colony. This is going to be of particular importance to one dealing with roger. Williams williams was in comparison to winthrop. Nothing thinks short of a radical in his ideology a fierce separatists williams would into bouncing from church to church. None of them reached the level of purity that he was seeking. We are going to go ahead and leave roger williams alone for now however he is going to get his time in the next episode. It is the injured play however of these two men in that is really going to set the stage for some of the biggest controversies of the day and we're gonna see more of that next week for winthrop he would spend much of the rest of his career attempting into perry the repeated attempts to change the religious direction of the colony in two episodes time we are going to dig deeper into the increasingly complex religious situation in new england during the later half of the sixteen thirty s and moving into the sixteen forty s these attempts to steer the religious direction of the colony are always going to remain the most important thing for winthrop as you'll see drain that episode winthrop would spend the rest of his life right in the thick of the religious debate around new england well practical governance was was a pretty huge part of what he did after all the guy is the colonial governor in harshened unforgiving land he always remained tightly tethered to his puritan beliefs every decision he made was directed at maintaining the religious order that he helped established upon arrival in massachusetts however keep in mind that despite winthrop using religion as the basis for basically everything including how he runs the government he is not in favor of theocracy in fact winthrop was distinctly aware of the dangers that come with a theocracy and actively sought to avoid it and this makes sense think back to the origins of where the puritans come from cacophonous. They're coming out of the reformation. The entire purpose of the reformation is because the catholic church hierarchy had become so corrupt in the eyes of people liked luther so for winter he wants to avoid letting that kind of hierarchical structure form where the government and the church are so closely intertwined winthrop winthrop recognized the danger of having the church and the government being the same entity when they're wanted a government that would be protective of religion the government guided by religion however the church needed to remain separate of government and went through new it the church had no official authority in the government government and the government was careful not to allow the church to affect civil rights winthrop spent much of the sixteen forty s working through twin crises. The first question is was going to remain in massachusetts to begin with king charles finally relented and called for parliament that the great migration that had been going now for a decade not only ended if threatened to reverse course with parliament meeting again the doors were open to return to england however for winthrop he viewed his place as being in massachusetts wither had built something in massachusetts heat viewed his place in the world as remaining in the new world and working on supporting his more pure church at the same time however a crippling depression hit the colony in the sixteen forty s this depression that winter was personally forced to sell large amounts of his property property to pay his personal debts now without going into detail. The loss of his money was largely not winthrop's fault personally one of them in that he he had put in charge of helping rented the state's james lectured was basically really awful business and possibly corrupt lectured begun taking out large loans in winthrop's name loans loans that winthrop would never be able to pay back ultimately he costs winthrop huge amounts of money and lead with up to selling off large amounts of his property to pay back the debts winthrop.

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