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I mean, we can't complain because Delon is in you expect him to do of. I'm basically what happened today is how you got to don't you walk. You still obeys lay down, you know you, you just gotta get creative to beat him for pass ball, wild pitch and in error something. And that's, that's basically the way to be Dell and you're not gonna see him get hit hard, three or four straight times an inning and they were able to do. Yeah, he always, it's always self inflicted wounds with him. It's never. He's never giving up bombs or getting hit hard. It's the four pitch walk. Once he was walking my dog. That was I was going back from walk my dog and a four pitch lock my phone like, well, this game's over because he just, no, that's Delon's. They're letting said it just didn't understand why he was in the game in the eighth. Nothing nice Britain has been great. Last night appearances. He's got a one eight year. He's look very, very good thought his outing. On Saturday night was his best hat is edgy. He was just very, very, very dominant. Didn't throw a lot of pitches either sudden see what he wasn't available just to make I. I haven't heard Boon's reasoning for bringing delegates, but that's not something I will kill him for. It was just an odd mood. He's done way works as manager. Yes, but just as a whole yet. I mean, it wasn't like the worst loss in the world today, like, yeah, hetch Avars store was a little off line to come home and the run scores barely that sucked. They did have a ton of chances as the brutal thing microcosm, the season was kinda today to for fifteen runs scoring position in one day to go to for fifteen is crazy. It's so many chances it debase load NAR ruse really starting to piss me off. Yeah, gardeners Garner's pretty much waste at this point. Anytime in the lineup, it's almost makes me think Giancarlo playing left today was a maybe of a sign. Fine. For the coming weeks that he starting to feel better and they're looking to get an actual fielder. There must, you know, permanently maybe like the maybe the playoff moves could. I mean, I'm just spitballing here, but I thought join Carla going left out of barely playing right. The last month was was weird. So I think maybe the move might be mccutchen in always. So Milan judge comes back, right? I would put mccutcheon in left's well, I don't know how much he's gonna play the field when he comes back. Judge? Yeah, I. 'cause he's coming back from this fucking wrist injury. They don't wanna overdue by, I don't know. I feel like for me, I think kidding is going to be tougher for him than than feeling, but I just think they wanna wherever they can limit the amount of work that recess to do. I think you'd do it. I don't know, at least maybe not even on the playoffs do it, but down the stretch less couple. Let's say he's back in a week, which sounds like it could be a realistic time line, which is awesome. Over the next two weeks, maybe you just you try and play Colin left a little bit more so you can t h in the playoffs. You put him in right judge, but I that I think you just have to. We have to be ready for guarded and not be in that lineup in the playoffs. I just think it's almost a waste of this way. Nothing. I agree. It's I like Gartner is done for the franchise. He's had over cheap to screw. Nobody thought that he would last ten years with the Anki. But I think two is is road is sort of ending. I don't totally wanna back on the team next year just because I mean Clint phrase Renault's. He'll be healthy, but you know, you got Floreal down the road. Maybe Bryce Harper open spot. I just think that the Brett Gardner story is the Anki is probably coming to, which sucks because I like Brett Gardner, but is just getting old getting older and when your guy, you know relying on spe-, it's, I don't know..

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