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The big four there in the SEC but conference wide. It's pretty solid is probably the best. I've seen the SEC from top to bottom and for vandy losing their all everything point guard early on that hurt them big time. But there is a Mississippi State team. That's pretty darn good. That Ben Helen's got playing good. Yeah. Green, Mississippi State defense and football and basketball love love Howland as a defensive tot-. I can't disagree there. By the way, Xavier had an against all after coming back from being down a few and was up six. But then the hall went on a nice run to close. The game wins at eighty to seventy in Cincinnati, seventy four seventy two tergence, boys. Maryland, hold off ten miles in Nebraska in early in that line closed at Maryland, minus two but opened as Nebraska, minus two. So it depends. When you play that sucker in Cincinnati. Nice win set ninety three to sixty one. So Macron has got this team playing good ball and Nebraska Omaha. Writing gain ninety two seventy seven over North Dakota state update the Lakers up four now and in the third quarter eighty to seventy eight over the funder talking about Mick Cronin in Cincinnati. I've got a question for you. Dana Holger Sohn is being rumored to go. He took the Mr. yes, he did happen today. Yes. Why do you do that? Why do you go from West Virginia to Houston? Now, an easy answer is they offered they they offered a double his salary. I don't know if that's the case. But that seems like going from principal to assistant principal to me that they know who the biggest booster is there at UH. Don't tell me for Tito, Houston Rockets, and the golden nugget properties and probably instrumental in that higher. And I think Holger Sohn was under a lot of pressure. And I I also think that you know in a situation like this year when you see that you're in a pretty good ball game. And you have your quarterback and your best left tackle sitting. That's got to be frustrating. I I mean again, I understand these guys trying to protect themselves. I've also seen many guys that are gonna go to the NFL draft play for teams where they said, you know, what I don't wanna sit out that last game. And I've seen other guys and. LSU the linebacker. They're greedy Williams. Yeah. Kid that didn't sit out though. I love the play. Well, what's his name Devon Brown or something like that? Yes. Outstanding linebacker fareless. Yeah. There you go. Good. Call by the way, UNLV's come all the way back. They just tied. Colorado state. It's tied at seventy three with two tend to go regulation. So hopefully, they can get a W there and avoid embarrassment here to open up the mountain west. So so I'm saying it seems odd to go from the penthouse to the outhouse not not that big of a dispute..

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