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A awesome school I can tell you the are and I think this is I mean this is also an extra analogy of it being Oh so many diehard fans on the cast as well as I think they're extra leery about each and every person you know I feel like maybe in another as in maybe a ghost island for example the triumvirate of Molly Jamal and Jackou Molly told me in her exit press that she this was not necessarily a thing it was flee hearn Jamal but I I don't think the king the Queen and the Jack was necessarily as big of a thing as the show made it out to be but I feel like maybe in a different season they could have very easily you know Costa by just being like hey look at someone like Nora who's very erratic who is you know ostracizing herself she's very easy person to take out but I think that because paranoia is running rampant this season it's partially due to the island of the idols name it's partially just due to the people that they cast on the season which is great it's just fostering the took like I gotta take my shot now because I don't know I don't know when the next time is when that seems to be the attitude really in these first two votes I guess you could also the logic of I know at one point like molly does nothing at camp and she's not exactly strong challenges whereas I know Nora is someone who is obviously very fit and could be more of a ah you know a a an asset there but yeah this just just seem to come completely out of nowhere and I really do give credit to like the the Janet Kelly and and Lauren trio on their own as well for sort of being like hey this is an opportunity for us as for a take control the game like the Women's Alliance online NRO decided that as well this time it's really those three they're like okay this is an opportunity for us to be the power trail instead yeah I don't know it it was a fun move and I appreciate the chaos from viewers perspective because I would rather go into a survivor season not knowing what's happened with everything being up in the air not knowing WHO's GonNa turn on who but I can't imagine being out there is a player just operating and chaos is so much more difficult and so to have this happen the very very first vote I would be so incredibly nervous and maybe even more paranoid to then be out there just sort of being about okay who's GonNa flip on who at least if you get the first vote where things seem to be relatively stable maybe it'd make you feel a little bit more comfortable I think maybe I am more on like Tommy's side of all of this where I would go along with it if that's what people wanted to do but I would definitely not be pushing for it and I think the Tommy seems like somebody else who essentially elvis relationships and maybe like he feels like more in the middle but then from Lauren Kellyanne Janet's perspective of really wanting to take control I guess I get that but I just wonder how much control they really truly have with all the chaos well let's start getting into you are usual stuff on the BBC I'm sure we'll talk a lot more about all the crazy Zina's that went down over this episode and let's stay on the molly train and talk about our preseason predictions on molly with an asterisk because as we've declared several times in the past automatically taken an l. this season because Liana says I am biased and that I do have information in talking to these people but I still wanted to play along and write down my thoughts on how I thought each of these cast members Sans Ronnie would do as I left Fiji but Liana I'm very intrigued hear from you molly was a huge preseason favorite for the survivor community at large going into this season where you on the same page so I had molly making the jury and I wrote her choice of soup was slow cooked Chili and that's very important for this action because in parentheses this begins the fall of the Chili threesome plus Tommy so let's just go along with that okay boy molly wrong social game and was everyone's best friend out on the island however because she was super well likes by everyone she was also a threat to win this fact combined with her strategic domino counts as part of the Chili Alliance was responsible for her downfall she was probably voted out by the non chilly people and her final words Molly states she had a good time was disappointed in the outcome disappoint online God that's beautiful so I well she did say she was feeling what'd she say she's like stunned and a little dizzy in her final words like this you point it could have been something on the on the cutting room floor there so I got molly also making the jury I said that she would get blindsided after people realised she was too likable for the end game I did say she'd go home with an idol in her pocket it or her hair and I said that either she or someone voting for her would be making a Harry Potter reference at some point in the voting booth over the course of the season now I do usually I wrote down her closest ally in her worst enemy I sent her closest ally was Kelly and her worst enemy was Nora so Haley you are the arbiter here you are the one looking at the antiques that Leon and I have brought in and determining their value God I you know AH predicting that she would make the jury I feel like that's that's an obvious one like definitely I would have done that as well gee just doesn't seem like an obvious person to go before the emerge but I think pretty well in saying like she's GonNa cause she's like almost two likeable and I think that was the case I know relation like well she was the leader of the mean girls pack it's like come on girlfriend but my thing like somebody would use a Harry Potter reference and voting her out there's something else he said that I can't quite remember even happened twelve and a half seconds ago so I gotta go with Mike I appreciate that yeah I was very surprised you or I know that I talked about Harry Potter a lot with Molly preseason she mentioned Binge Harry Potter as an example and I was stunned when it was not her who made the HP reference but Kelly I don't know if everyone noticed this but she wrote down Molly wogs on her herdsmen which is a reference to molly wobbles the affectionate nickname the Mr gives Mrs. Weasley in the Harry Potter Franchise and Kelly even confirmed that on social media that's crazy that you predicted that Mike I'm actually very impressed by that one I I don't know where that it's amazing it's maybe it's my preseason bias been able to try free cognitive power so should I give them like point seven five points why he's already lost what I've decided so this is just I mean this is just for the fun of it you know and like I'm playing I'm playing with House money right exactly yes so were you or you are I'm not I'm playing with negative house I don't know what analogy is appropriate in the circumstances but see that's the preseason bias when you get to go out there and you get to meet people and talk to them you can do the prediction that somebody will reference Harry Potter in voting out people so there to be fair I don't think her or I could have predicted that she was saddled with the popular girl mentality because she talked about it with me and she even posted a picture on social media l. like she was very kreil upfront to say like I was not cool whatsoever in school I've she was very much someone who is just like an offbeat person followed everything's the beat her own drummer and wasn't necessarily regard as popular cut to nor be like this is just like high school molly is the popular girl and she's like I've never been person yeah I didn't get that at all where the popular kids seen came into play it just seemed like they needed some analogy for people splitting into groups highschool seemed to be the one that was most appropriate for them but yeah I didn't get the sense that what was it it was Jamal Molly and the cool kids I don't know it seems very odd yeah it seems like Jack would be part of like I don't know going like high school musical trope like he's the the skater kid who secretly plays the cello you know Oh man and then okay let's see then Jamal what were the other characters so all the basketball player who bakes yes and I guess is molly can't be molly's that dances that hip hop this that's got to be Nora right nor is the nerd that hip hop dances. I suppose I mean this it's not foot loose footloose we know there's no dancing so maybe maybe era often molly was Sharpei oh maybe just trying to keep the clicks in line I don't do what you love we must adhere by these standards I noticed hale he's been silent rather entire conversation listen did I watch high school musical yes can I do a stunning rendition of that song that Sharpei and her brother do on stage when they completely redid the watchman call it of it Great Music Can Utah yes a beautiful do I remember every part of it gosh now is they T- I did see high school musical theater though I will give myself that is it true that view and thin did that exact condition when you've got your engagement photos taken whenever I try to sing and dance with Ethan. He sits on the couch and stares at the TV in tries to pretend whatever's going on is not happening that's really funny we'll go ahead and make no guard well I was just GonNa say Avia the do I remember this no so okay it was Oh let me start so I don't know if either of you remember but James From Big Brother Eighteen it did this weird long video like a couple summers ago remember there was a cease and desist yes this season assist thing with Natalie anyway there's one line just I always remember from it and it's when he's talking about college and he's like did I graduate no that I come close yes and for some reason I just really like enemy of that and I had to bring it up even though it's not relevant anyway so you're welcome no I always think that when people ask questions that they answer themselves exactly I love it sorry no no I love it I love it love it will Haley I'm GonNa turn the lecture an over to you because in the effort of the being be trying to always keep things fresh like survivor we're gonNA try something new starting this week and look this season is all about teaching lessons so we thought Wede be the students here nobody at the suggestion of like Oh Mike in Leon she tried to teach something is somebody a different lesson this week I don't know too much about this world to be quite honest we only we're speaking into the microphone we live inside tiny rooms twenty seven but we figured we do is every week or listen the first few weeks we're going to bring in our guest the teach us something anything survivor related or not about life and we're going to see if we can stick to those lessons and get rewarded or in some sort of way so healy I know he sorta prepped you for this do you have something that you want to teach us this week yes minds a little awful I don't think it's going to get you too far in life I'm being honest with you but it's funny that you know Mike your prediction skills are so dead on at the beginning of the episode he said I'm I'm the newer of all things bachelor in Canada and those were the two things whereas like what should I teach them about this candidate that's a little easier everyone knows candidate exists do you really know much about Canada we're not GONNA get quizzed on Canada are we you might give you some I give you some fun I'm excited and then you can you can just like hold all these facts in and then when you go to a trivia night at your local bar and there's a category about Canada you're GonNa think of me and I love whenever you're playing learned league or whatever the Trivia he is for the nerds online H. Two trivia each learn I used to learn league as like a very High Level Online Trivia League it's has like jeopardy champions in their Jessica leads is a very big part of it it's I went in there and I very much outmatched promptly bowed out after a year or so what's it called Learn League yes and you have to be invited by other smart got invitation then got to say well I know like I just went again I wouldn't.

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