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Gonna make it a thing. The Genevieve the eve of the IV. My last show of the year, so we'll just call it the last joke have not so lucky. But I am happy for you. I am happy. I'm happy myself. I want to talk about the Nashville bombing suspect. I do believe our lovely Jack Crumley touched on this just a second ago. His news report that's come to light that he was reported to have been making bombs by his girlfriend to Nashville police Super Loyal golf girlfriend ah year ago. I think that you hit the nail on the head with that because I think that's the issue like when a woman comes into a police department says Hey, My boyfriend's making bombs. They're just automatically going to assume that she's full of it. Yes, I can say that because I'm a woman. Nobody's gonna believe us. The problem is, is that they believed enough to go check his house. They knocked on the door. No answer, And this is in the police report. They didn't no one answered the door. But There was an RV with several cameras hooked up and wires running the RV. So you were just auspicious it all you were tipped off that there's bomb making going on and at the same time, you don't get an answer, But there's an RV sitting there with security cameras, which I don't know if I've seen many RVs that have security cameras like Making sure no one's coming in that didn't tipped the police off enough to be account. You know what that might be? At least worth a follow up. Follow. Yeah, nobody followed up, and I think you know You might have a security camera on a really nice RV. There's some nice RVs, other pastas. Muchas houses, right. This is what you retiring. You live in it. I would expect some security care, not the RV. This guy blew up. No, this. This was not that your backed, you know, 2020 version of a $200,000 RV, right? Did you? This is very off topic. Mariah Carey had an awesome Christmas RV that I feel like you would have seen because you're you're into the Christmas Christmas guy didn't even see the crew. This was the Rolls Royce of Basic. Glee of RVs and Mariah Carey had it because she didn't want to fly because the cove it's so she took the kids in the RV. And But anyway, it wasn't that RV like the the You're going to blow yourself up in the RV, But you're gonna warn everyone else around you. That was polite. Yeah, like it's a That was thoughtful. There's just there the same time. It was so crazy so much about the story That doesn't make sense. Oh, yeah, for sure, but it was so crazy that even one of the guys I think I was in the body cam footage won the national police officer just like this is like something out of a movie right like that that was the matter, was smiling in his interview. Well, what When was the last time Nashville got like national attention for anything other than like Morgan Wall in making out with some girls at a bar before his SNL appearance? I just That was the last time the timing of which it happened. The announcement of it happening like running the magazine. You know, it's an old RV. It's like there's a mag a phone on top of it. Like warning people. I saw something. And you know what? I'm not. I'm not passing judgment. I just want bring it into the conversation. I saw report that this guy believed in lizard people. He was with the Brazil guy. Yeah, he was at the Brazil president. I'm saying Look, there's a connection there. We might not found it yet, but you know there there. That's something sure. I'm sure the stories that will come of this. Are going to be unbelievable of what this This man was into you. It has to be already because he apparently transferred two properties to a woman who claims she doesn't know him. She's a I want, say, Um, um, artist representative for a major pre much record label, Young woman. Very pretty. And she's like, Yeah, I don't know if it's like girl. You got two properties at this man a month ago. There are worth that combined like $400,000. That's the case, one of my doing wrong in my life, right? But I don't have these random acts of kindness. Company gives me property, please. Yeah, she don't even have to. It was ah, quick tete, so she did. Have to do anything. It's just hers now, like just a random call, like one day like a so and so lucky $400,000 worth of. And she says that she didn't even know about the one she knew about one of the properties but not the other. We doing and that she I never met him. I'm like I know that she deleted all of her social media, and I'm like, okay. Okay, girl, like Let's level up. All right, You know something? She knew that it wants Alec Baldwin's wife got caught. Yeah, She was who she was that, like, Look, I got all these properties here. This guy's been gifted me stuff. No, I'm sure that guy was my missing the boat on this stuff. I don't know why I asked myself this constantly. But this guy didn't have a social media presence. Guys like him. Don't you know that makes sense to me. You know, talker. He's not Chick Docker. He's not on the Graham. He's not tweeting. Hey, just he doesn't exist on and that's hard to do. That's really hard to do. But, you know, even though that happened That doesn't mean that you like we have to track him down the old way. Property records and these are the property records that show up him giving property to a woman. Claims she doesn't even know him. It's like no. This is like legitimate old school social media here. We know you all know each other. So there's this. Come on. So in the span of a year, this guy Got the cops called because he was Outed by his girlfriend for making Boston movie girlfriend was not the person that got property just want bring. In the same time he's unloading properties to just random people. Random hotties in L. A. That used to live in the vicinity of Nashville. Like five years ago. I'm on saying there's more to that, and I expect to hear more about it. From somebody. Eventually the world that we're now living in. Oh, yeah. And again. This is a story that in many years dominates the headlines. And in the end of 2020, it's like way figured that something was gonna happen to close this year out in a big way. And we now just hope that that was it. Yeah, We hope that nothing from now until actual New Year's. This goes along with what I said yesterday stop with the There's only There's the only way to go out from here. There's only one way to go. We need to stop from that. Is it 36 hours now? I don't know. I think it's about 36 all track of time. I know anything in 2020 like I logically I knew the date. But then it dawned on me that tomorrow's news thing. The only thing I know is that you she plays Friday at noon. That's it. Like you see plays on New Year's. That's Friday. So we're going to assume that the day before his New Year's Eve, we subsequently is tomorrow. Yes, I believe So in today's Wednesday, in case you're one I brought that full circle there. Yeah, you did. I like that. All right, Let's check in with Rob. Sale traffics looking.

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