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The quality And when I say quality I have to brag a little bit because in our newsroom this year we have a Pulitzer Prize winner The first ever for NPR in its 50 years and Lisa Hagen who you hear on our airwaves and her podcast that she did in partnership with Casey you are in Kansas City and NPR one a Pulitzer I mean it's just it's almost crazy to say that's the top journalism prize right here I'm not surprised because Lisa is an amazing journalist but it's just great to be able to say that and your support is what makes that happen You keep our local newsroom employed You keep on out on the street you keep them reporting the stories that matter to you And that's why we're asking for your support We need it 6 7 8 5 5 three 90 90 or slash donate And it's money well invested I may be a little biased Aisha but I would say it is Well and it really it's our model that keeps us free to bring you stories like the ones told in no compromise the project that Lisa Hagan won the Pulitzer with and the ABE was an NPR was able to win the Pulitzer with I mean I can't even imagine what she had to do to kind of prepare herself not just for the reporting but just to have the courage to cover And I don't want to give it away I'll just say that she had to have a lot of courage to do that reporting You make it possible Lisa had you in mind She wanted to bring that story to listeners right here in Atlanta.

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