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Well, it's been more than a month, and twelve operating rooms at Seattle Children's hospital are still closed potentially toxic toxic fungus is to blame for the evil. Komo's Jennifer Sullivan has the updates on Tuesday. Seattle Children's was given ten days to get a plan in place, if not the hospital could potentially lose their state license. At this point, we have issued the facility a statement efficiencies as a result of that investigation. The facility will be required to provide us with a written plan of correction. Essentially, what are they doing to correct? Those deficiencies KOMO has learned that to patients at children's over the last year, battled aspergillus infections one. One. We're told died in a statement, Seattle Children's tells us, they're taking the situation, very seriously and have installed a new air, handling NPR vacation system installed a new humidifier system sealed potential sources of air leaks in all operating rooms cleaned all operating rooms and their storage spaces revise processes for the movement and storage of surgical supplies and equipment now use ultraviolet light to disinfect surfaces in operating rooms. Many surgeries have been cancelled others diverted to marry bridge, even hospitals in Oregon, and California. Harborview says they've had about twenty patients sent their way. Jennifer Sullivan, KOMO news. Two year old boy is at Harborview medical center today after falling out of a third story window in Everett yesterday afternoon had avid, the Hillcrest estates apartments, south Snohomish fire says the boy landed in landscaping, bark and has serious injuries. This is the third time just this week that a child has fallen through a screen and out a window in the Everett area fire, and explosives, will not keep a church in Renton from spreading a message of love the congregation of the United Christian church, hosted a prayer vigil last night, just days after their colorful pride display on the front doors of the sanctuary were attacked. Komo's Joel Moreno has more. What brought this heartfelt gathering together was a string of attacks on doors. They're meant to show support for the LGBTQ community, but someone tried to burn them then set off a bomb. They are sick and they're cowardly for doing what they get is now investigating the vandalism as a possible, hate crime. But the focus at this vigil was on community and inclusion era, actually combination elders group, size of this lengthy people. The plan is for these doors to remain out here. Well, pride month celebrations continue throughout the nation. Joel merino. Reporting an armed robbery suspect from Bremerton in mount Vernon fled from multiple police agencies causing a crash after police fired shots yesterday afternoon. It all ended in northbound interstate five lanes Tacoma at the ramp for the I seven oh, five SR nine interchange. At one point, he got out of his car and tried to carjack lacy Blair's culture. On the ground picked it up. And I realized it was a night can, then he said, get out of your car. It was really scary. He's now behind bars. Thankfully, no one was injured a lot of excitement in Vancouver, British Columbia, where the NHL draft is underway. Stay to and even though Seattle's future team doesn't have a pick this year. They're already making their presence known. Komo's Patrick Quinn has more. Outside Rogers arena in Vancouver, hype and hysteria for professional hockey at this year's NHL draft. Jerry jones. Inside the H, L, Seattle owner, Jerry bruckheimer knows there's buzz building for hockey one hundred and forty miles south in Seattle. It's happening. Under the ground right now. So it's pretty exciting. Thirty one teams are taking part in this year's draft an empty hole where Seattle franchise will soon set up president and CEO. Todd lie. Wiki knows they're inching closer to a puck dropping and Seattle can watch the game. When looking at saying one day. Two or three or four these players in this very game are going to be raining sandwich crosser chest conducts fans to anxiously await having an instant rival. We've never had a team this invent cougar BC Patrick Quinn. Komo news time three ten that brings us to sports at the Harley exterior sports desk. Here's Dave Lewis, I get Jeff the Mariners writing three game winning streak for the first time since April eighteen to the twentieth and have some work to do if they're going to extend it truly Baltimore five two in the six Tommy Malone. With the first five giving up three runs on four hits Myrna runs on vogue RBI double in the first in a throwing error in the sixth inning. It's a verbal commitment for the university of Washington football program, as Carson Brunner from Redmond made his decision to join the huskies Carson's. Dad, Mark was a great tight end for the huskies catching ninety passes Rover thousand yards at four scores ending his career in nineteen Ninety-four before turning to the NFL. And but then he's back in the sidelines. Storm back to work at home facing Indiana tomorrow at four sports at ten and forty past the hour on the home of the huskies. I'm Dave Lewis. Komo news. Guys. Would it be crazy if you packed your bags and left?.

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