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A sixteen year old is in custody for the saturday night shooting that wounded four people know detroit at a big holiday event they festivities of know well night came to an abrupt end with the sound of gunshots as a crowd of thousands including children joined all the activities the shooting led police to shut down the popular abandoned midtown police say a fight at a high school football game earlier may have triggered the shooting they say conyers is getting conned his supporters who plan a rally in detroit and support of congressman john conyers nancy pelosi of all people have called for conyers to step down amid allegations of sexual misconduct so of many of conyers other colleagues a rally is scheduled for hartford memorial baptist church they say they want due process for conyers supporters say that white politicians accused of the same kind of misconduct do not face demands to resign conyers himself may attend the rally he was hospitalized for several days senate and house negotiators will be at work this week hammering out differences in their sweeping tax overhaul bills correspondent christine romans says there are big differences from the permanence of individual tax cuts to the number of tax brackets but there are some similarities herman a corporate tax cuts are the choir sat of both barrels there is no guarantee will add out there as latest at both plans out to the deficit that's our opinion a congressional budget office came to that conclusion also but supporters of the tax cut say that it'll generate more tax revenues with friday's federal budget deadline looming the senate republican leader mcconnell says he's confident the government will not be shut down reporter lauren fox says a dispute over the immigration the dreamers has lawmakers divide democrats want to make sure that immigration is included in a spending bill something that conservative stationed included they say it's two separate issues but democrats want to make sure that daca recipients says individuals who came to the country illegally as children that were given protected status under the obama administration are still protected we will supreme court will not take up a challenge your taxes.

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