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It's not one of those fourteen day. Free trial offers. It's a powerful sight audit tool that will keep working for you for free so check out. Hfs webmaster tools at hhs dot com slash a. w. t. That's a h. R. e. f. s. dot com slash a. w. t. all right. Here's the first part of my conversation with jeff. Coyle co founder and chief strategy officer at market muse. Jeff welcome to the voices of search podcast. Thanks dan great beards excited to have you as my guest excited to talk a little. Seo strategy you know. You're a man of many talents You've been doing some lead generation previously in your career at an obviously a talented seo and content strategist gives a little background on. You know your work and what you're doing market news. Yes you're so as you mentioned we're artificial intelligence platform that really sets the standard for content. Quality really focused on identifying what we should be creating. What we should be updating. Where do we have strengths and weaknesses gaps and opportunities where we have authority more. Do we need to grow. And but then going all the way down to execution. No building comprehensive content briggs creating kind of point solutions for specific. Workflows that as. Seo's you do all the time whether it's competitive analysis comparison of search engine results topic modeling. Whatever but my background now doing this for steroids. It might sound about twenty two ish years. I went said the georgia tech computer science and while it was still there started with my first startup knowledge storm where we were doing content marketing in trying to get beat that companies to know that they should have content on the web so we are actually convincing them to digitize brochures white papers and get them online so that we could generate leads with those on. I did that need for twenty seven. We were fired by major tech publisher. Where i worked in managed in house but throughout that time as a product manager ran all the traffic through that large website network in really built my skills in all ranges that kind of connect to what it means to be a search optimization professional today but most notably the tail end of that working with editorial and content teams and realizing just how manual and painful those processes were in. How a lot of. It was very subjective and i had manual processes took thirty forty hours of time still would get subjectively rejected by editorials enes. And that's when i met my co founder and he has the first person to really speed up and use artificial intelligence automate one process or topic modeling. That says basically. If i'm an expert and i'm covering a topic comprehensively. How would i do that with one page. However i do that on my site within context of my site or my network. If i'm a publishing publishing gets many sides and from that we've built all the solutions that we now manifest as mark. Abe's so you've been working in. Seo and content marketing in some capacity since the white text on a white background days. Oh yes ninety nine my first audit. I would say what. I'm going to probably album. Albert was ninety nine for sure. I you gotta find the text and then you have to figure out whether it's relevant and how the search engines are going to interpret the good old days a little easier to do content marketing and content strategy back. Then because it was about digitizing what you'd already produced now in a much more competitive landscape and you mentioned that you had some processes that were very manual taking thirty forty hours and and we're starting to see you know the bots and the machines take over some of those processes talk to me a little bit about the strategy of content marketing as you see it in a. What's the general process. You follow to figure out what a site should be. Writing what what assets a site has an where they're content gaps. Are i think that one thing. I commonly will ask gene is. How frequently are you performing what you see as being content inventory or a content audit. I think the biggest challenge the medium to large sized teams have is there not frequently assessing the tuning their own mirrors as to what they term it has when they're doing it often kind of doing a sort descend by traffic or they're doing sort descend by. What gets you the most lease. They're not thinking politically as to what it means to be about a concept and are they covering that topic comprehensively across their entire site so they don't know the collection of content as contributing to for example their authority on some topics. It really often looking at them as one page to value connections and. That's where one thing that. I talked teams. That's commonly something that's a problem with often leads to his team's not getting along just to be blind. The folks in charge of traffic as their kpi or released age awareness content aren't jiving with demand. Gen folks there. Nobody's jogging with the editorial team in really there are not connected to the thirteen mile so i like to talk to about funke's about that process and new market news. We automated in online content inventory audit. That's always available so you can always see. Higher pages are doing how they're performing all the topics that the pages connect to do you answer the users coming to your page that are searching for x. Does your page follow through and satisfy the intent that was expected or is it a mismatch so we cover all these things. And it's really getting. Your question connects to. How do you plan. How do you prioritize on. I think the will we often will see as the teams that are just getting started have learned from who whatever.

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