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You get a free round of golf while checking out the barstool bruise box package. So this guy, Tom Kim, 20 years old, he would be either like a, I think they said like maybe a sophomore or junior in college, which is fucking outrageous to think about. I mean, I know Phil Mickelson is pretty famous for being the most recent amateur to win on the PGA Tour when he was what like a sophomore junior at Arizona. And so for Tom Kim to go out there and light it up and shoot and so he made a fucking quadruple bogey on his first hole of the entire tournament. This is such a good lesson about golf. So easy to get down on yourself and to just keep powering through. Made a quadruple bogey on his first hole. He's four over par at a tournament where you know you're probably gonna need to be somewhere between 15 and 20 under to win the damn thing. And he ends up winning by 5 shots as a 20 year old for his maiden victory on the PGA Tour. I saw that he is kind of, oh, I think it was maybe Jason sobel, who tweeted this out. I can't remember exactly who, but said Tom Kim is the 9th PGA Tour winner from Korea. Says the LPGA has had 9 since the start of 2020 and just talking about how the Korean golf and the women's game is obviously taken over and starting to take over and really have a significant impact on a lot of their talent making it out on the PGA door. But yeah, he apparently has a ton of character. I was talking with a couple different folks who were like, man, you guys got to get him on the show at some point because he's great. But Tom Kim comes out wins the damn thing by 5 shots after absolutely fucking dominating yesterday on Sunday. Crazy to have the belief that you think you can do it. I mean like if one of us shoots a quad on the first hole, I just think like, well, now like 85, 90, a hundred in the cards, so anything at this point. And so to believe that you can come back and shoot on a par and he finished with a 61 is just preposterous in terms of the turnaround and how good of golf came that is. Also my way of thinking prior to meeting doctor Brett mccabe would have been. I have to make four birdies just to eliminate that one quad and that's never happening today. So my day's over. So that would be that's a really hard thing to overcome. But yeah, 'cause a good mental thought person would be like, all right, like I can make one bird and that turns into a triple. I'm gonna make another one like we can kind of a couple pars and now that's like a bogey in a part. You know what I mean? So you can kind of move that around, or you could just forget about the quad and just keep moving on with your day, which is what he did. You don't have to start fucking doing math. Or you just played two off the first tee, and then that quad is never exist because the next one you strike down the middle and make it easy for. That's exactly what we would do. Exactly what we would do. I'm happy for Tom Kim, congratulations to him. I'm not super comfortable with someone being born in the 2000s starting to excel like that's time is just slipping away, fellas.

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