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Valentine Show thrilled Ambulance 6157379986. 615737 Vanderbilt docks students for not agreeing that the Constitution is white supremacists. This is where we are folks. Not only that, but Facebook. Is removing post supporting Kyle Riton house. But let me get to the Let me get to the Van de Story first. This from the Federalist. A student advantage. Was docked points on a quiz Tuesday. For rejecting the statement of the Constitution was designed to perpetuate white supremacy and protect the institution of slavery. According to Care, a soup of Young America's foundation. The required quiz was part of a class on the 2020. U. S elections taught by university professors Josh Clinton. New GI Kim. Being John Gear. And Jon Meacham. Yeah, the same Jon Meacham, who spoke on behalf of former Vice President Joe Biden at the Democrats virtual convention just two weeks ago. According to Y F the class syllabus deems the course the largest class that Vanderbilt has ever told. Vanderbilt University did not merely responded the federals request for comment. The idea that the U. S constitution was designed to perpetuate racial oppression is a core message of the left cultural revolution to rewrite history, most notably embedded in the New York Times Anti American 16 19 project. That project is now in thousands of U. S public school classrooms. And so they want. The Constitution was designed For white supremacists. And that's just not the way it is. Matter of fact, they debated slavery. Had the time of writing the Constitution. And forming this country. And there was fierce debate about it on both sides. And they decided that they have to. They couldn't decide that the the moment they have to. They have to kick the can. They'd have to put on it. But that's when Thomas Jefferson says it was slavery was like a holding a wolf by the ears. You could neither hold him nor let him go. And so they knew the inevitable was coming. There was going to be a showdown about Slavery. These didn't know it was going to tear the entire country apart. But then we do this. This is my whole thing. We did this I mean, we had the founding fathers, some own slaves. Some did not And many of the founding fathers actually at the time of the American Revolution turned their slaves. Of freedom. And nobody wants to talk about that either. But you do have one institution that we know. Was state in and formed in slavery, and that's the Democrat Party. The Democratic Party was the party of slavery was also the party of the cake. It was also the party of Jim Crow laws and why it's not been canceled. I don't understand. Everything else they cancel to cancel the statues. They cancel this. They cancel that. And they don't get around to canceling the Democrat Party, which is the Onley surviving institution from that era. Think about that for a moment. It is the only surviving institution for them. Will you see the cake? That's not, I mean, that's a fringe thing. It's not like, but I'm telling that mainstream. I mean, this is one of the two primary political parties in this country. It's very history. Is about oppression, slavery and racism. And yet it has not been canceled yet everything else that even touches it. You got anybody remotely linked is laboring. Facebook. Is removing post supporting Kyle Riton house. This is the guy Who shot three people killed two of them in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and self defense. He has been charged with murder, but I don't think it's going to stick. So on Tuesday, conservative author and YouTube remark. Dice said he received a notice from Facebook, threatening a suspension after he shared video of written outs offering medical aid to wounded Kenosha Protesters. He shared a Twitter update, by the way, the one that supposedly shows Kyle Riton house Punching a girl is not Kyle right now. It doesn't even look like Kyle right now, unless somebody shows me more proof than what we've seen. They've got a still shot of the dude and it doesn't even resemble him. Anyway, back to this story. They shared a Twitter update on the threat of suspension..

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