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All of a sudden, well, that's why they called it the silent killer. She's fifty two it's way too young. To leave the party, Georgia. Luke perry. According to those who knew and worked with him was very loved and respected member of the Hollywood community. It was known as a compassionate giving individual at a great family, man. So what precautions can we learn from this young man's that might help the rest of us? Avoid such disaster to ourselves or a member of our own family. I think you'd agree with me, George. The message just prevention and involvement in our own healthcare absolutely studio. Here have been on eighty two milligram baby aspirin. Might have saved him from the stroke that that's possible. Christians website, by the way, Mark heart, book dot com. Go to with go to it often. You get some great information there. Thanks Christian over at coast to coast AM dot com in the news are section. They're look at the picture of a man capturing an image of Jesus shining through the clouds. It is unbelievable. They say a picture's worth a thousand words, go take a look at it. What else is in the skies? Let's check in with Dr sky Stephen Cates. Hi, Stephen, what do you have forced this week? Hello, georgia. Great stuff as we all. Of course, celebrate space and space. X is amazing. Test miss enjoyed many people watch the the advanced dragon crew caps on on his demo one. It's gone. Very well, indeed, the dragon capsule, of course, we'll spend some five days actually ISS and once again splashdown and do your, but in the Atlantic Ocean on board kind of comical is dummy Ripley from the alien movie. Of course, her namesake is a dummy, of course, trying to see just how they can fit people can. The future into those space chairs as we begin that says commercial crew program and something really cool, George the two astronauts that have selected to actually ride aboard. This the first ones, of course, Bob Benkin. And of course, Doug Hurley later in July from astronomy, here's something really cool a galaxy and on his NBC thirty seventy nine a galaxy sixty seven million lightyears way has something unusual happening to George. These gigantic bubbles of what we call tonic raise some forty nine hundred light years across streaming across space. What does that mean for the earth? Well, let's we have solar minimum of approaching or well into it cosmic Ray induction or the incidence of cosmic rays is on the increase. This. Of course is not a good sign for the earth. The lives guy, George which everybody tells me they like we end off this way. A rare treat for coast listeners as the moon moves to its new phase on the sex. You get a chance folks to actually see what we call the light look for about an hour, of course before sunrise or after sunset. It's a large band almost looks like this big coma sky visible, of course, from dark locations. And also, this is amazing. Georgia's we close this phenomenon known as Steve no pun intended. For my name. It's called strong emission velocity enhancement. It's just this gigantic purple band in the sky called the proton storm it's starting to be seen as we move towards the hawks. So lots to see on that I time sky just reminds everyone, of course, George always remember to keep your eyes to the skies, Email me DR sky at Cox dot net, and George so many amazing things to come in March super. Thanks, Steven as you know, we highlight podcasters from around the world people who are doing innovative things on podcasting. In one is the cosmic goodie bag hosted by Carla cherry. She delves into the supernatural world. To the cosmic bitty bag. I in your house car the cherry. We are delving into the supernatural world interviewing game changers. Authors, medium sacred site junkies, even pet psychics are we are conscious expo. We have just seen Linda Moulton, how how many species do you think? There are do we know of only credible document that I have ever read from the government was for the briefing for Ronald Reagan, nineteen Eighty-one CIA NSA DIA. They said Mr President. There are five different types. There are even have heads shaped like a pair, the skin is gray almond shaped eyes me. And this is all in the briefing. Do you think censorship is starting to tighten up right now? I think it's going both ways. Do you think we're in the matrix an inverted matrix? It's all upside down if they made us something else with the soul in that. We have a Ness what I'm fighting for a loss of words. Thank you. This is Carla Terry for Cosby back and Carlisle is with us right now. Carlos sounds like you're having fun with this podcast. I am. Thank you, George. Thank you so much for highlighting it. I appreciate that people. Find you. On cosmic goodie bag dot com. Simple enough, cosmic goodie bag dot com. How long have you been doing this? Now, I've been doing it since since July, but I've been reading about issues for a while now, but I got into it about three years ago. You love it. You're having fun doing it. But you're going to break some big stories, and we can use them on coast to coast. Okay. That sounds good. You keep doing it. And you and you do this. How often? I do it. Once a week. I have a radio show on DASS radio with the internet radio. And then I do I drop the podcast once a week as well. So I I just find people that I'm interested in. And we talk about ET's I've had my own experiences. And I'm just so tired of the big cover up. We'll we'll all break it together. Okay. That sounds good. The more of us that can come out and say that we're not afraid of being called conspiracy theorist which is a conspiracy and itself and just get together. I think we're gonna send cosmic goodie bag dot com Carlo. Thanks and good luck to you. Thank you so much. Appreciate everything that you do you're one of my heroes and thanks for thanks for out the podcast. I appreciate it. Lots of talented people out there doing podcasts, and we want to give them their due. I'll tell you one other person who's doing some remarkable things world renowned John Edwards, psychic medium, and he is next on coast to coast AM..

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